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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • In "Fame" when Ben finally gets the Ultimatrix to work and turns into Chromastone:
    Wasn't even sure if I still had this one.
  • Sensitive Ben as Humongousaur:
    "I think you're being deliberately hurtful!"
    • Also his Transformation Name Announcement, which he sang. ♪ Humongousaur! ♪
      Kevin: Never do that again.
      Humongousaur: Just trying it out.
    • Actually, many of Kevin's reactions to Sensitive!Ben.
      Sensitive!Ben: I understand. I'm truly sorry.
      Kevin: No! Stop understanding! Stop apologizing! Stop talking about your feelings!
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  • At the beginning of Escape From Aggragor, Ben as Four Arms is fighting a Yeti controlled by Animo while Ben and Gwen work on disabling a Devolution Bomb. When Animo gloats about how the bomb will turn everyone in its range into a yeti, both Ben and the Yeti stop fighting to stare at Animo, with Ben asking if that’s really Animo’s plan.
    Gwen: Kinda reminds of the old days, doesn’t it?
    Kevin: What? Stupid plans? Guess so.
  • Right after Ben talks about how secretive the Forever Knights are in "Andreas' Fault", we see that our friend Jimmy often plays World of Warcraft MMO with one of them.
  • Also in "Andreas' Fault":
    Fan: Ben, Ben, Ben, Ben, Ben, Ben, Ben, BEEEEEEEN, Ben, Ben, Ben??!!!
    Ben: (angrily) WHAAAT?!!
    Fan: (timidly) After all the hype, the Alien X Smoothie was a real disappointment.
  • From the episode "Hero Time":
    Overlord: Captain Nemesis is dead. From now on, call me, ‘’OVERLORD!''
    Goop!Ben: How about we call you ‘‘a good therapist?’’
    • And Rath in the episode;
      • This is somewhat reflecting that some fans find the 'Ben mistransforming gag' kind of old now.
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  • This exchange from the episode "Reflected Glory":
    JT: *leaning forward from the back seat* So, what's it like being you?
    Kevin: *deadpan* Awesome.
  • At the end of "Reflected Glory": "Even the Internet thinks you're lame."
  • Kevin's explanation of where baby Alien X's come from to ten-year-old Ben.
    "What? I had to learn about astrophysics on the street!"
  • Ben's invitation for Kevin to enter the ship in "The Enemy of My Enemy".
    "Doofus, you have the powers of a ghost! Just come in already!"
  • Darkstar's un-victory. He really thought it would be that easy?
  • In 'Revenge of the Swarm"
    Kevin: Then how do you explain this!? (holds up toupee)
  • Paradox's ominous warning concerning the story arc in Ben 10,000 Returns is ended with a cheery goodbye.
  • From "Moonstruck", Young!Max gets a great one by screaming out Kevin's catchphrase: "My ride!"
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  • Everything involving Rath in "Prisoner 775 is Missing". At one point he yells at gravity. He tops himself by threatening the hole that he made after falling out of the sky.
    Rath: Lemme' tell you somethin', stupid Rath-sized hole! Rath will destroy you! *attempts to stomp on the hole*
    Gwen: Oh, for crying out loud. Ben!
    Rath: *pauses, then kicks dust at the hole* What?
    (Gwen gives him a stern look)
    Rath: Sorry. *turns back into Ben*
  • "Prisoner 775 is Missing" begins with the Power Trio discussing why Ben yells out his aliens' names when he transforms. Later in the episode, Ben turns into Wildmutt to track Prisoner 775. He snarls indecipherably, and then a disembodied voice cries out his name. Then the camera zooms out to show Gwen with her hands cupped in front of her mouth.
    Gwen: Well he can't talk! Someone had to do it for him!
    • Becomes a Brick Joke when Gwen complains that she was going to do it for Ultimate Wildmutt, who can talk and did it himself.
  • After failing to turn into Humungousaur twice (arguably due to saying its name first), Ben deliberately names the wrong alien and gets the one he wanted.
  • When Ben first goes ChamAlien, he shouts "Overkill!" causing Kev and Gwen to roll their eyes.
    • Turns out to be a Brick Joke from the beginning of the episode.
  • "Double Or Nothing" gives us "Ben 10 Live" — which, in the grand tradition of "Batman the Musical" and "The Ember Island Players", is suitably a total farce. The best part, however, would have to be the overactor playing Vilgax:
    "Attention Earthlings! I am Vilgax the Conqueror, here on my moon base… on the moon! Surrender, or I shall destroy you! Muhuhuhahahahaha!"
    • Even better, our actual heroes are in the audience and immediately snark about it.
    Kevin: Moon base?
    Ben: Yeah. I hear it's on the moon.
  • Kevin trying his hardest to remember the name of some show about kids who saved the world with the power of recycling.
  • Ben/Big Chill tries to play into Ma Vreedle's sympathies.
    Ma Vreedle: You are?
    Ma Vreedle: Oh yeah? Where are your kids?
    Big Chill: Off in deep space somewhere. Maybe this wasn't the best example.
  • "The Eggman Cometh" features Dr. Animo spreading monsters under his control through town by selling what look like ordinary chicken eggs. Along the way, we get the gem of seeing Dr. Animo do a commercial for "Animo Farms" dressed like a farmer and attempting a really bad Southern accent. The pained-but-still-on-camera look on his face when the commercial is over says it all.
    Animo (furious): "Cut! Print! No retakes!"
  • Azmuth being challenged to take the sword back from Sir George.
    Azmuth: Ben Tennyson, take it from him.
    • Also, Gwen asking if Ben ever checked to see if he got their powers while they had his, and Ben realizing what he just missed out on.
    • The Techadon Insectoid Defense Scenario.
    • Kevin turning into Wildmutt while driving.
      • After they made out of the car crash, you can heard a muffled "Not my car!" from him!
    • Don't forget Gwen as Upchuck and Kevin as Nanomech.
    • This exchange:
      Ben: Gosh, am I stupid!
  • Charmcaster showing Darkstar the door at the end of "Couples Retreat."
  • Jury Rigg taking apart the brakes of Kevin's car in "The Eggman Cometh." Made even better by Kevin's lack of brakes lasting the entire episode.
    • The end of the episode, when the reversal of Animo's ray turns the dinosaurs into chickens.
  • While most of "Night of the Living Nightmare" was scary, it had a funny part. Lodestar losing his head.
    "Oh wait, your ears are over here and that's why you can't hear a thing I'm saying anyway..."
  • Kevin isn't smart enough to avoid putting his foot in his mouth, but he's smart enough to shut up once he's done it.
    Kevin: Look Gwen, you've got to treat a car like you treat a woman.

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