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Funny / Bell, Book and Candle

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  • After we learn how much of a Spoiled Brat and bully Merle was toward Gillian back in her school days. Gillian and Nicky conspire to pay her back a little while she and Shep are trying to hang out at Zodiac club. If it were anybody else it'd be cruel, but watching Merle freak-out as the band's music sounds more and more like a thunderstorm — even to the lights flashing off and on — is actually pretty funny.
  • Pyewacket's constant harassment of Shep (who's allergic to cats) whenever they meet.
    Shep: (as Pyewacket is standing on his shoulder) Hasn't this cat got anything better to do? Couldn't you give him something to read?
    • After Shep catches Pyewacket outside his office window after he'd been sent by Queenie and brings him to Gil using a wastebasket as a cat carrier:
    Gil: But what on earth are you doing with Pyewacket?


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