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  • In the Pilot, Channing blasts Tate with a hose to clean him off after his swim in the prison sewage system. He smarts off to her about it, prompting her to immediately blast him again.
  • Bo and Tate's first conversation: An argument about whether or not he stinks from having fallen in the sewer.
    • Followed by her asking him about why he was tearing up. He tries to claim that his obviously-fake bruises were to blame.
  • Tate tries to avoid admitting to Channing that Leeds, a woman, nearly kicked his ass. Naturally, Bo refuses to play along.
    Tate: She was a big girl!
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  • From "Defection", Bo's list of people who would be a better babysitter than Tate. Included: A zombie who only eats kids and someone with chicken pox.
  • In "Bang and Blame", Tate and Bo finally work together... to convince Winter to let them buy a package of Donettes.

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