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Funny moments from Be Careful

  • Draco teaches Peeves the SPAM song, which the gleeful poltergeist then proceeds to sing loudly and repeatedly, while wearing a Viking helmet.
  • People getting passed notes in their own handwriting.
  • Draco has some fun with his will reading:
    • For Neville:
    Draco: To my colleague, Neville Francis Longbottom, all estates formerly belonging to anyone surnamed Lestrange. It can never make up for what they took away from him, but it will give him a place to start building his own life. I understand Hufflepuff girls like blokes with huge... tracts of land.
    Remus: Is that pause written in there?
    Kingsley: It is. Why do you ask?
    Remus: Marveling at the universality of things, that’s all.
    • Poking fun at Ron one last time:
    Draco: To Ron Weasley, the land on which Malfoy Manor once stood, with the proviso that whatever he does with it make no use of my name whatsoever. Close your mouth, Weasley, you’re attracting flies.
    Ron: That is not written in there!
    (Kingsley holds up the scroll.)
    Ron: Oh. It is.

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