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Funny / Bay 12 Monster Girls

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  • Balls of Steel: When the mouse girl stabbed Kyle in the balls. Kyle pulled the dagger out and brought it to her neck.
  • Kyle's reaction to Yukari's Kill Steal.
  • At first, Sir Launce, a medieval knight, sacrificing himself for Gelid's life seems sad, and his fate even worse....until...
"I am Sir Nimroth d'Chevalier Kilroy-Saxon Gotha!"
  • The fact that Sir Nimroth is essentially a Gentleman Cho'Gath expy made from the souls of hundreds of knights and gentlemen and as a result has the mind of a the body of a Void entity.
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  • When Leo gets a little too close with Katleya, her response is basically "We're not finished yet!" and then she leaves.

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