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  • Pretty much everything Future Deadpool says and does. He's pretty much there to say and do funny things every so often and doesn't do anything else or contribute to the plot in any way, but his lines are just so fun.
  • To a lesser extent, when 05 Scott and Jean are getting changed and Scott loses balance, falling over and pulling the sheet separating the two. Jean is fortunate enough to already be done, Scott... is in his boxers with his pants around his knees. Jean reacts quite playfully concerning the situation that put them there.
    Was that an attempt at a move?
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  • The entire SHIELD opening in Part 4.
  • Maria Hill's reaction to another X-Men incident is simply "Come on!"
    • She really hates Henry McCoy.
    • Maria Hill had a dream where the X-Men accidentally blew up the moon. A vivid dream.
    • Maria Hill calling Mystique disguised as Dazzler 'Agent Dazzler', and Alison correcting her that her name is Blair... Agent Blair.
  • What does Emma Frost do after telling Scott to stop thinking with his penis, and one of the Stepford Cuckoos telling her that she's the best? 'Thank you' *Badass Armfold*
  • Cyclops, when trying to explain what's happened to Teen Cyclops.
    Cyclops: Your Young-Jean never went back to her own time. She grew up in the future. Now she's... old Young-Jean. I can't believe I just said that.
  • Future!Deadpool's wanting Goldballs' autograph.
  • Broo scaring the crap out of Shogo. He's a sweet character but he's a Brood.
    Broo: Yes, you're a cute little homo sapien, aren't you? Yes you are.
  • Future!Deadpool giving an awesome speech, then trying to kill himself. His last words as far as he knew? "Bury me in chimichangas."
    • Jean stopping him, and his reaction is "Ah, c'mon. That was gonna be an awesome death scene."
  • Iceman's (modern and teen) reaction to Ice Hulk, but also Teen Iceman's reaction to Ice Master.
  • Cyclops telling Old-Young Jean that she's a better kisser than his after she gets into his head.
  • Wolverine lampshading that, due to Raze being his and Mystique's child, he can't ever have sex again, given the who the latter is...
  • A bit of Black Comedy, but the reactions of Magneto, Wolverine and Modern Beast when they saw the newest anti-mutant weaponry a.k.a. Sentinel robots coming down from S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier are pure gold.
    Magneto: "Sentinels. These are all new. These I do not know.
    Wolverine: "S.H.I.E.L.D. has its own flamin' Sentinels. Heads are gonna ''roll'' for this."
    Modern Beast: "I'm more concerned about ''our'' heads! Look out!"
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  • At the end, the Original Five decide they've gotten enough of half-truths, hypocrisy and mistrust and join adult Cyclops's side. Both Adult Scott's little smirk and Wolverine's expression are utterly priceless.


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