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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

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    The Game in General 
  • Normally, what happens when Batman lands amid a group of mooks is that they put up their dukes and ready themselves for a fight. But in Amusement Mile in the aftermath of the game, Batman can land amid a large group of them and some will jump over the side of the building into the water instead. Guess the stress of the game's events was just too much for them.
  • This exchange in one of the Riddler's Challenge room.
    Hostage: Why doesn't he just tell you what he wants?
    Batman: [flatly] ...Because he's INSANE.
    • Made even funnier by the fact that a few moments earlier, Riddler was talking about how he was NOT insane, since that implied either "mental illness or derangement, and [he] suffered from neither". Of course, Batman didn't have any of it.
  • Also, in one of the Riddler's interview tapes, Nigma receives a magnificent Take That! from Strange, who is explaining the strategy he used to learn Batman's identity.
    Riddler: I know you were lying, Strange. There's no way that you could have figured it out! It's some kind of trick. It must be!
    Strange: Oh, I use no tricks, no childish puzzles. I simply created a psychological profile of the man most likely to be the Batman, and then matched it against the most logical candidate. I was right, of course.
    Riddler: Well, who is he?!
    Strange: Ah, but that would spoil the game for you, wouldn't it?
    Riddler: You must tell me! I implore you Strange! I-
    Strange: Really, Edward? If I could figure it out, it must be child's play for you.
    Riddler: But I... I...
    Strange: Interesting. Tell me Edward, how is the Riddler like a blank dictionary?
    Riddler: ...
    Strange: You're both at a loss for words.
  • In one of the Mad Hatter's interview tapes, he sees what looks like "Alice" and looks wildly while singing his catchy tune: "Alice, come out, don't pout, don't make me shout, Alice, come out, where are you?"
  • When you first encounter Harley Quinn, she'll back flip towards you. You can either let Batman dodge her and she'll just...stop, or you can punch her to the ground.
  • Any time that when you go interrogate thugs working Riddler and demand information. Batman with his sarcasm and brutal way of dealing justice always give a good smack/stomp on them after they told him even though some beg him not to hurt them.
  • Batman saves Jack Ryder from some inmates.
    Batman: The TV reporter?
    Jack Ryder: Yeah, you a fan?
    Batman: No.
  • Joker's interview tape with Hugo Strange gives us this gem:
    Strange: My name is Professor Hugo Strange. And you are...?
    Joker: Two-Face. ...Catwoman? [giggles] Batman!
    • Preceding the above line:
      Joker: (speaking to guard) Think you're safe behind that mask, do you? Give me a five minutes with you and a can opener and I'll have you whimpering like a schoolgirl! You might like it.
  • From a later one of Joker's interviews:
    Joker: Have you ever tried walking around with a giant fishbowl on your head? Don't answer that.
  • Two-Face shooting Batman in the courtroom and shouting "Objection... overruled!" Way funnier than the last time he shot Batman...
  • "Two guns, bitch!"
  • This exchange:
    Batman: I figured you could use my help, Selina.
    Catwoman: You're right. I think I chipped a nail back there.
    • That's funny enough, but much later in the game the lines are reversed between the two after Catwoman helps Batman. Batman delivers it pretty poorly, however, and Catwoman calls him on it.
      • Goes into Black Comedy when you realize that in the scenario in which Catwoman didn't save him, he dies and Gotham goes to hell.
  • When Batman confronts Penguin at the museum, Penguin accidentally (presumably) hits one of his own Mooks with his umbrella in the crotch.
    • Better yet, if you die in that room (and on harder difficulties, you probably will), you get to watch it over and over - and it gets funnier every time.
  • This line from the first Riddler Room:
    Riddler: Well done, Dark Knight! You figured out how to open a door!
  • You can try to unlock the Riddler security boxes before they are activated, and the Riddler will tell you to wait a little while. Try three times, and he'll finally get annoyed enough to tell you piss off until he's activated them.
    • When you first try to unlock them.
      Riddler: (on the first try) You're getting ahead of yourself, Batman. Those contraptions are of little use to you... for now.
      Riddler: (second try) Oh, Dark Knight, you are being impatient. I will reveal the purpose of those when I am good and ready!
      Riddler: (third try) Are you really so stupid that you cannot even understand a simple instruction, Batman? Ugh, don't answer that. The childlike gibberish you are bound to spout will just be embarrassing. Let me explain one last time. Ignore those control boxes for now. They are not activated, as in they do not work. They will, but only when I am ready. Was that clear enough? Good...
    • Before you enter the Church after Riddler has taken over.
      Riddler: (after the first try) I'm waiting for you in the church, Dark Knight, waiting to prove that I am better than you. Come and see me, if you dare...
      Riddler: (second try) Oh come on, it won't work! A child could see that! You need to come to the church.
      Riddler: (third and final try) Listen to me carefully. I'll speak slowly enough that even you stand a reasonable chance of following this not terribly complicated conversation!! If. You. Want. To. Learn. More. You. Need. To. Go. To. The. CHURCH!!!
  • The first time you encounter Harley, she's cartwheeling and back-flipping down to you. She's actually trying to ATTACK YOU. If you counter her kick, you fling her to the side. If you don't? You get hit in the face, and it seems like you're about to have a fight with Harley... until you take her down in one punch anyway.
    • After she leaves, four of the mooks with her are pointing guns at Batman. The following exchange is priceless.
      Mook 1: Just walk away, and everything will end okay.
      Mook 2: What do you mean "End OK?" She. Left us. Alone. With. Batman.
    • And then they start giving Batman ideas:
      Mook 1: Keep it together. He's ours. What's he gonna do?
      Mook 2: Good poooint. I mean it's not like he has a reputation for breaking free of traps and smashing people's faces. Oh no, that's right. That's EXACTLY what he does!
      Mook 1: I said stay calm! I got a gun pointing at his damn head. What's he gonna do?
      Mook 2: Oh I dunno, Throw a smoke bomb, break your face and string me up from the ceiling?
      *Tutorial: Drop Smoke Pellet.
    • Tragically, none of the four thugs in the following predator tutorial are designed to be taken out with an inverted takedown (which hangs them from the ceiling).
      • Not designed to be, no. But you can take one of them down this way if you swing to the third gargoyle on the left fast enough - the one who suggested it, in fact.
  • If you go to the Iceberg Lounge early, or attempt to enter the front door where Nora Fries is being kept, Batman can knock on the door and a mook will peek out, grumpily asking what you want before realizing who he's talking to.
    • This then gets an ironic reprisal when you go back to the Iceberg Lounge after Penguin is defeated. The undercover cop comes to the door angry and then apologizes when he sees it's Batman.
    • Even better, when one of the thugs answers the door and realizes he's talking to friggin' Batman, he suddenly becomes much more polite and simply says, "There's nothing to see here. You should go away."
  • When Vicki Vale reports on Bruce getting involved with Arkham City, she introduces him as "millionaire Bruce Wayne", only to have him interrupt with "It's billionaire, Vicki. Millionaires are so last year."
  • In the epilogue, Catwoman can talk to various villains/characters. A highlight among them is her conversation with Mr. Freeze.
    Catwoman: Well, isn't this nice. I guess Batman found your wife after all.
    Mr. Freeze: Yes. My beautiful Nora is now safe.
    Catwoman: So is now a good time to talk to you about an idea I had to steal the Pharaoh's diamond from the Egyptian museum? It's really hot there and, well, all this latex really makes a girl sweat...
    Mr. Freeze: (deadpan) Leave me with my wife, Catwoman.
    • Her exchanges with Ivy before, during, and after her boss fight in Episode 2 are hilarious, but the one commenting on how she's controlling some of the inmates with pheromones takes the cake.
      Catwoman: Hey, Pammy, here's an idea! If you want a boyfriend, how about trying the dating route? Beats this voodoo crap.
      Catwoman: Well, what do we have here? Weird, out of place plants...check. Mindless, hypnotized henchman... check. The oh so subtle odor of rotten pumpkin...check. Looks like I've found the entrance to Ivy's lair.
  • When Batman and Hugo Strange finally meet face to face, Strange tries to break him by talking. Batman simply headbutts him in mid-sentence.
  • Any fight with one of the Abramovici twins becomes this if you use the stun gun, which makes enemies flail around with their weapon when hit. Couple this with their size in a room crowded with goons, and Hilarity Ensues.
  • After you have captured the Riddler, you can be a jerk by standing in front of him. You can also gag/ungag Harley later in the game to hear humorous results.
    • To elaborate more on the latter example, Harley is gagged using a piece of duct tape, and as you can imagine, that stuff hurts to pull off of skin. And you're allowed to put it back on and then rip it off again as many times as you want.
  • When the enemies start pulling out sniper rifles, complete with laser sights, upon your return approach to the Steel Mill:
    Mook: Nothin's gettin' past me.
    Cue Batman sneaking up behind them and knocking them out, or just plain pulling them off the ledge.
  • After you rescued Aaron Cash, you can ask him about Protocol 10.
    Cash: Is that some kind of hemorrhoid cream?
    Batman: I doubt it.
  • When you pursue a side mission in the Steel Mill, you come across a powerless elevator with some mooks trapped inside, trying to get it to work. Have fun listening to their panic when you use the Remote Electrical Charge to make the elevator go up and down.
  • The Joker phone calls. Especially when he gets mad that you won't pick up.
  • When rescuing the 5th Riddler hostage, one of the taunts the Riddler throws is this gem:
    'Riddler: Oh come now. Surely "the great Batman" can progress without cheating and looking for answers online.
  • In a very dark sense, this line from The Joker minutes after killing Talia Al-Ghul:
    Joker: You're making me late for my spa treatment! I mean, it's not like you've got a girl to save anymore, is it? ...oh, I'm sorry! Too soon?
  • Another Black Comedy line:
    Joker: He's taking you guys to pieces like a puppy in a blender! PULL YOURSELVES TOGETHER!
  • Batman threatening Riddler informants is pretty hilarious. This line, for example:
    Batman: Please don't lie to me. I just cleaned the last informant's blood off my face.
  • Joker explains to his gang members how he's been cured, but then compares the whole thing to the revelation of the mystery on a TV show. Then he follows that up with, "How come it all ended in a church?"
  • Solving Riddles in the game will reward you with little bits of backstory about what took place between Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. One of these stories reveals that Joker and Harley actually escaped before being transferred to Arkham City in an attempt to keep away from it. Instead, they stole a boat, and after being chased by Batman, wound up sinking said boat and having to swim to shore, winding up in Arkham City anyway.
  • Batman's dying, surrounded by assassins, but still manages to crack wise when he gets slapped in the face by Talia Al-Ghul.
    "Hello, Talia."
  • At the conclusion of the "Fragile Alliance" side quest to destroy the Titan containers with Bane, this happens:
    Batman: I've destroyed the containers, Bane.
    Bane: Good.
    TYGERnote  Mook: On the ground, prisoner!
    Bane: Help me, Batman! We must not allow these puppets to take the Titan!
    [at least fifteen TYGER guards attack; Bane and Batman take them out in short order]
    Batman: [not even out of breath] As I was saying—
    • While you can complete the quest in the Playable Epilogue, it's funnier if you do it before the finale, because it means that Batman is at death's door and still easily kicks the crap out of over a dozen trained guards.
    • If you speak with Bane after the quest has been finished (and Bane has been locked up), he will plead for you to let him out. Batman answers with "no", spoken in a tone as if scolding a disobedient child.
      • This might also be the cause of a Heartwarming Moment in Arkham Knight. Bane kicked his addiction and returned home to free his people.
  • Even after being punched off a balcony and knocked senseless by Batman, Penguin still can't resist gloating as he's thrown at the feet of Mr. Freeze. Victor isn't in the mood to listen.
    Penguin: Welllll, look who it is. Mr. Fr...
    (Freeze steps on Penguin's broken hand, making a sickening crunching noise)
    • Also, Freeze's boots have spikes for walking on ice.
  • At the end of the game, both of Penguin's hands are wrapped in gauze, making them resemble flippers and making him look even more like his namesake.
  • Alfred brings his A game in his role of Servile Snarker. Some of his comments are absolute gems.
    Batman: I need a route into the Sionis Steel Mill.
    Alfred: Have you tried the front door, sir?
    Batman: Why didn't I think of that?
    Alfred: It was obviously too easy.
  • While not in the main game, the Iceberg Lounge VIP Room Challenge Map has Killer Croc in the background, smoking a cigar or delicately handling a drink. See it here.
  • During the fight with Joker:
    Joker: You remember Mr. Abramovici, right? Don't worry, Batman, he's mostly armless. Get it?
    Joker: Let's give a big hand to Mr. Abramovici. I mean, it's not like he couldn't use one.
    • Also, before the fight with Joker starts:
      Joker: Oh, come on! There's always something to learn. Let's start with "Getting Your Ass Kicked 101".
  • A scene taken out of the game for being too funny compared to the dark tone: when Batman fights Penguin's shark on the raft, he was originally going to pull out a can of shark-repellent. Said can was going to contain a giant knuckle-duster to beat the shark with.
  • "Tell me, Mister Cobblepot, have you ever heard of the expression Napoleon Complex?" "No. What is it?" "It's nothing." The best part is that Strange, normally The Stoic, sounds like he's barely holding back laughter when he responds to that.
    • From a later interview, when Strange brings up Penguin's "monocle".
      Strange: Now, one last thing, Mr. Cobblepot. Your face.
      Penguin: It's beautiful, isn't it?
  • In Riddler's hideout, if you wait long enough in that one spot in the vent you can see Riddler from, he'll start talking to himself about what he needs to do to beat Batman. His spiel ends with this:
    'Riddler: Cogs? No, he'll work that out. I could steal that shark from Penguin. There's no way he could get past a shark, could he? No, it's got to be better than that. There's too many variables. What if he has some sort of shark contingency? He'll get past it. Lasers? Yes. Lasers. Or dogs? Dogs with lasers!
    • He'll also consider filling a tank with water, hostages and literal red herring, but rejects the idea because he thinks that Batman wouldn't "get it".
  • The way Batman uses the Batcomputer, without a word, to track villains while they taunt him about being untraceable. For example, when Zsasz tells Batman that his phone signal has been bounced past so many relays that he's untraceable, Batman immediately begins tracing that signal while he's talking about it. When Riddler talks about his henchmen that are perfectly deep undercover, Batman calls up a database of his known associates and makes a special bright green overlay for them before the Riddler even finishes his paragraph. Etc..
  • Mr. Freeze's interview tapes are mostly quite somber, for obvious reasons. However, one moment from the third interview tape stands out:
    Freeze: Do you know what it is to love someone? To really love them?
    Strange: (almost cheerfully) No.
  • Two-Face's speech to his men in the courthouse. His voice continually switches between calm/reasonable and violent/cruel. While it's mostly disturbing, his speech does have its funny moments.
    Harvey: (to the mooks) Or you can leave [the courthouse] now.
    Two-Face: And we will HUNT YOU DOWN and KILL YOU ALL!
    Harvey: (calmly) But let's not dwell on the negative.
  • While taking out Joker's goons in a predator sequence, he might comment that it's starting to look like a rerun of last time.
  • After Joker reveals that he's poisoned Batman with his own TITAN-tainted blood and shipped more to hospitals in Gotham, Batman immediately assumes that this is Protocol 10. Joker's response-
    Joker: Protocol 10? (dramatic gasp, then normally-) Never heard of it...
  • After saving Stacey Baker, she and Batman can have the following conversation about Harley.
    Stacey: What's wrong with that woman?
    Batman: I could write a list, but we don't have that much time.
    Stacey: Why does she blame me?
    Batman: She's as crazy as her boyfriend.
  • That brief moment between Batman punching out Tiny and when it dives back into the water, in which you can practically see the shark thinking that no meal's worth this shit.
  • There is an unexpected and funny moment if you already know where the next Riddler Room is (from the Internet, or from having played the game before, for instance) and go there *before* solving the Enigma Box's next riddle. After solving the riddle, you are returned to the city and find a giant question mark (denoting the now-available Riddler Room) in front of you that wasn't there before, implying that Riddler managed to outsmart Batman and sprayed his symbol in front of Batman while he was solving the riddle box.
  • There's an unexpected one in the model viewer. If look closely at Hugo Strange's clipboard you can see the word BATMAN scribbled in big, red letters.
  • While Joker is complaining about his goons failing to stop Batman:
    Joker: All I asked was that you stopped the stupid Batman. I managed to get a syringe of my blood in his neck for God's sake, and I'm half-dead. What's your excuse?
  • During the second visit to the Steel Mill during the throwdown with Joker, knocking him down and trying to perform a Ground Takedown on him will result in him evading it and thumbing his nose at Batman.
  • Blink and you miss it, but occasionally when Catwoman performs a silent take-down on a mook, you can see her checking her nails while stifling the victim with her legs. Maybe she did break that nail...
  • The Riddler character model that you unlock after rescuing the rest of his hostages and defeating him.
  • Some of Catwoman's tapes have some notable gems:
    • In her first meeting with strange, she lampshades how ominous Strange looks on his Malevolent Mugshot posters.
      Catwoman: Your posters really don't do you justice. You really are far more evil looking in real life.
      Strange: Charmed.
    • In the final tape, the professor asks the nonchalant catburglar if she has feelings for the bat, to which she lets out an adorably flustered "No!" This causes someone even so stoic as Hugo Strange to laugh in amusement at her embarrassment.
  • When you return to the Steel Mill after completing the main story events, you can see in one room that the Abramovici twins are reunited (not literally) behind an elevator gate. If you're persistent, you can quick-throw freeze blast grenades at them individually, thus letting you commence a beatdown on them, that leaves their character model act in a weird, unhostile way. No, this is NOT a lie.
  • Throughout the game, characters will comment on Batman's deteriorating physical appearance. However, if you play using, say, the Batman: The Animated Series skin, it creates some Gameplay and Story Segregation where it seems like people are disgusted with Batman looking less realistic than everyone around him.
    Funny Mook Conversations 
  • A lot of Enemy Chatter is made of the mooks complaining how cold it is. At one point, someone points out that winters have been getting progressively colder with each consecutive year. They conclude that only one thing can be to blame...MR. FREEZE!
  • Early in the game, a member of Penguin's gang tries to recruit some Blackgate inmates.
    Thug: Now don't get too friendly with each other; Penguin's going to make you fight each other for the right to be in his gang. Some of you will probably die. Some of you will probably kill each other. But, when you pass the tests, you get treated real good. Free drinks in the Iceberg Lounge.
    • The joke makes a return later when a few goons make plans to bring Bruce Wayne to Penguin for a reward. Several of them are hesitant at the thought of going to meet Penguin due to the horror stories they heard about him.
      Thug 1: Look, it'll be fine. We hand Wayne over to that ugly bastard and then we'll all have free drinks in the Iceberg Lounge.
      Thug 2: Free drinks? Why didn't you say that earlier? I'm in!
  • After Batman escapes the Joker's bombs, a few thugs outside discuss the explosion.
    Thug 1: The last thing I saw, Harley lured Batman into the church and then it was blown up.
    Thug 2: Wouldn't that mean Harley got blown up, too?
    Thug 1: You know how she and her boyfriend are. Joker would probably find that funny.
    Thug 3: It would be funny. Unfortunately, I saw her walk out before the roof blew.
    Thug 1: Where is she now?
    Thug 3: Last I saw, she was driving back to her psychotic boyfriend's steel mill in an ice cream truck.
    Thug 2: Sounds about right.
  • After taking down Solomon Grundy and Penguin, a few of Penguin's goons are baffled by how Batman could've gotten to him.
    Thug 1: How the hell did Batman get into the museum? That place was locked down tighter than my mother on prom night!
    Thug 2: ...What the hell does that mean?
    Thug 1: You don't want to know.
    Thug 2: Yeah, I do.
    Thug 3: Me too!
    Thug 1: It doesn't matter! We have more important things to worry about, like what we're going to do if Batman's taken down Penguin.
    Thug 2: I got an idea. Maybe we could go see your mother.
    • The kicker is that Thugs 2 and 3 believe that the first thug's mother was extremely promiscuous on her prom night, which ultimately leads to the following exchange.
      Thug 1: Look, on her prom night, my mom got a little drunk, alright?
      Thug 2: Hah, I knew it.
      Thug 1: She got a little drunk and butchered her classmates with a potato peeler.
      Thug 3: ...what?
  • In the mission to rescue Nora Fries, if you wait to listen to the Enemy Chatter before jumping the mooks, you can see them playing rock paper scissors, introducing things like guns and dynamite and getting called on it.
  • Two Penguin thugs guarding Freeze's suit give us this gem of a conversation:
    Mook 1: Is this what Batman's coming for?
    Mook 2: Who knows. If it is, he ain't getting it.
    Mook 1: Maybe one of us should put the suit on.
    Mook 2: What?
    Mook 1: Yeah, think about it. [in flat, robotic voice complete with mechanical movements] "Freeze, Batman. I am a man in a refrigerator. Do you want ice with that?"
    Mook 2: [laughs]
  • At one point in the game, some of Two-Face's goons discuss a rumor that Catwoman tore the skin off of Harvey's good-looking side, and wonder if they'll have to start calling him One-Face.
    • Doubly funny once you realize that "One-Face" actually DID happen in the Batman: The Dark Knight comics of the New 52. And was heavily mocked and turned into a Running Gag by Atop the Fourth Wall.
  • After taking the door on a balcony out of the Courthouse with mooks holding the main door shut...
    Mook 1: Just hold the door shut and we'll be fine out here!
    Mook 2: What if he goes out the back?
    Mook 3: There's a back?!
    Mook 2: Yeah, Two-Face showed me it...
    Mook 3: And you didn't think to mention it until now?!
  • And another, when approaching the church for the first time...
    Mook 1: So do ya think the rumors are true?
    Mook 2: What, that Harley used to be a dude?
    • This may be a Development Gag, as her mocap movements were those of a dude.
  • When entering the subway to find Penguin's last jammer. Two of his henchmen are discussing if it works underground. One comments that he read the manual which states that it doesn't:
    Mook 1: Since when have you been all about reading?
    Mook 2: [offended] I read.
    Mook 1: Porn don't count.
    Mook 2: Screw you.
  • One of them was apparently a Heath Ledger wannabe, intimidating hostages:
    Mook 1: Me, I prefer the hammer. More personal, you know? You can feel every blow. Understand the complexity of the human body as it's deconstructed into a primordial sludge.
    Mook 2: That's deep, man. I had you all wrong. I was told you just liked hitting people with hammers.
    • Not to mention the continuation, where "Hammer" gets indignant and demands to know who was talking about him. The second mook panics as he says he can't remember, and "Hammer" laughs and tells him, "Calm down, I was just messing with you."
  • When you enter the smelting chamber a second time (before you encounter a tied-up Harley Quinn), a mook will imitate Harley and Joker's voices mockingly, and he's pretty good at it.
    Mook 1: (imitates Harley) Oh, Mistah J, please hurt me some more.
    Mook 1: (imitates Joker) Okay, my dear. Why don't you go out and fight Batman while I make a daring escape?
    [stunned silence]
    Mook 2: You'd better hope they didn't hear that!
  • After the boss fight with Mr. Freeze, you can go to save his wife, Nora. Upon doing so, you can hear two mooks discussing her appearance:
    Mook 1: Did you see what she looked like? Is she hot?
    Mook 2: She's in a block of ice.
    Mook 1: If you thawed her out, would she be hot?
    Mook 2: Way I understand it, if she thaws out, she's dead. But, to answer your question, yes, she's kind of good looking. In a near dead frozen sort of way I guess.
    Mook 1: Nice.
    Mook 1: Hey, I've been in here for a long time. So when a good looking skirt comes past, I don't mind if she's a little cold. Know what I mean?
  • Upon visiting the Museum after the end game, you can hear some mooks pondering the question, "What will they come up with next?". One of them wonders if they are going to have Arkham County or Arkham Nation next. At the end, they admit that both names sound stupid, though.
  • When talking about Catwoman...
    Mook 1: Why does Batman goes after us and not Catwoman ? I mean, she's a thief like us, no ?
    Mook 2: She's prettier than you.
    Mook 3: Not like that!
  • An Enemy Chatter gem from later in the game:
    'Mook: What is wrong with the Riddler freak? Doesn't he have anything better to do than leave green question marks all over Arkham City?
    • It's even better when the Mook saying that is one of Riddler's "undercover" henchmen.
  • After the Penguin's been defeated, you come across a crowd of his mooks in the subway, getting a recruitment speech from one of the Joker's men. For maximum levels of irony, you can pop out of the grates and K.O. the speaker just as he goes on about how 'invincible' they are.
    • Even better. One of them, who is playing around with a mask, talks about how he will always join the stronger faction, having no loyalty beyond that. Said mook is actually a Riddler henchman.
  • There's actually a group of unaffiliated (haven't joined any of the gangs) criminals camped out on the roof with a frozen over swimming pool who comment on various story developments as the game goes on. They even manage to survive Protocol 10. Some highlights include them debating which gang they should join up with, and joking with one another about resorting to cannibalism with one saying to another how he's starting to look like a big tasty pork chop...
  • Apparently one mook didn't listen to Penguin's speech on how they'll be taking over Arkham City because he was on the can.
  • Hearing mooks talking about their experience in Arkham Asylum during the events of the first game are always a nice call back. Especially when other inmates refuse to listen to their warnings about Batman.
  • Some inmates can be heard giving tips on how to survive in Arkham City, some of which imply an almost Too Dumb to Live mentality among the general population:
    Inmate: If you see some strange flowers or plants, it means they belong to Poison Ivy.
    Same Inmate: That means it's bad and you should stay away from them.
  • One of the mooks in the Harley Quinn's Revenge DLC is thinking of making a name for himself on the Gotham crime scene, only for his friends to make fun of him:
    Mook #2: That I'd like to see.
    Mook #1: You think I can't do it?
    Mook #2: Well, what's your gimmick? Mr. Freeze is a crazy scientist who's got that freezer gun, Two-Face has got that burnt thing goin' on... what's yours?
    Mook #1: I'll figure somethin' out.
    Mook #3: Yeah, right. Best you've got is you killed all that family on Thanksgiving Day 'cause your mommy burnt the turkey and you promised to get her a new one.
    Mook #2: "The Turkey Man"... I like it.
    Mook #1: [seething with anger] You wanna shut your mouth, or do you want me to do it for ya?
    Mook #3: What's up, Tuuurkey Maaan?
    Mook #2: [gobbles]
  • While holed up in Harley Quinn's base in the shipyards, a group of thugs start discussing whether or not Batman really killed the Joker, or if he's still possibly alive. One of them breaks out some in-universe Wild Mass Guessing, postulating that it could've actually been Clayface posing as the Joker, in addition to playing himself. The others dismiss the notion as completely ridiculous.
  • At one point, as Robin in Harley Quinn's Revenge, when you start a fight, one of the mooks yells, "It's the Batman's little bitch!"
    • Which becomes even funnier during Predator segments, when the same one might say "I'm sorry! I thought you were a joke! Please don't hurt me!"
  • Another gem from the Steel Mill, during your first time in there, two rooms before the smelting chamber, a few mooks are waiting for Batman to show up, and another one is in the next room behind a glass window, making it impossible to prevent him from seeing you take out his buddies. Rather than deal with the guy behind the window, Batman starts silently taking out the other mooks, while the guy behind the window tries to call out and alert his buddies, and while his voice isn't completely blocked by the windows (you can hear it), the other mooks are too engaged in their own conversations to notice. Cue one very annoyed guard trying to tell his buddies that Batman is right behind them while simultaneously insulting them. "Are you guys deaf?! HE'S RIGHT THERE!"
  • In the DLC, one of Harley's mooks is lampshading the fact that she just did an "I'll Never Tell You What I'm Telling You!".
  • Some of the taunts the inmates throw can be really amusing:
    Inmate: (fighting Catwoman) I will make you meow, bitch!
  • One inmate will rarely say, "If I find out all of this is for some crazy TV show, I'm gonna find the one who put me in this freezer, and kill him!" The actor's delivery makes it even more funny.
  • During a later visit to the steel mill, there's a Mook who's set up a bunch of mines in front of him in order to get an easy kill, bragging to an unseen buddy how it'll be an easy kill. Now if only he had noticed the open assembly line, letting you sneak past him and up on him by way of Solid Snake...
  • During the Harley Quinn DLC, one of her Mooks hits on her. She's not very pleased.
  • One bit of mook chatter amusingly points out some Fridge Logic inherent in the Zsasz side-quest: Namely, that despite Arkham City being in such disrepair, someone made sure all the payphones worked perfectly.
  • If a TYGER helicopter spots you while you're in the middle of beating up a large group of mooks, the pilot may report that Batman is "kicking all kinds of ass down there", saying it just as flat and military as all the other reports.
    • When Batman finishes the fight the helicopter can also respond in a flat tone "Batman wins"
  • When Batman first enters the museum, there are some mooks on the other side of a locked security gate. The mooks go on about how the security gate is "the latest Waynetech model" and that they hear it was "designed by Bruce Wayne himself", and that Batman will never get through it.
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