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  • Upon entering The Pumphouse Brewery, which is actually a brothel, any accompanied Bastard will comment on the place, some with hilarious results;
    Greave: "Oh. This isn't an alehouse at all, is it? Well why wouldn't they change the name, then? Why still call it the pump-"
    Greave: "....."

    Vankan: "Perhaps I'll sit and wait while you... explore the premises. I think a fellow named Rugal wants to see you. Don't ask me how I know that."

    Grant: "If anyone asks, I am absolutely not a werewolf and I have never, ever been to Hayill. There was an incident a few years ago and we're kinda blacklisted here."

    Greening: "Sorry, what? I was distracted by the stunning floral arrangements. Now, where do you think the bar is?"

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