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  • The entirety of the "Kiss You" parody is this. Highlights include:
    Harry "Taylor was just a cover-up to hide the fact that I like man-butt."
    Taylor: "(pops up behind them) What did you say?!"
    Everyone, but Taylor: "How the hell is she still alive?"
    • This line near the end.
    Louis: To celebrate, let's all dress up as...
    Everyone:... seamen (pronounced as see-men), because we all love semen! (also pronounced as see-men)
    • "... pretend that we play instruments, by posing with them in stupid pics."
    • "Oh! I'm the only Irish guy singing this song. That's why I dance like a gay leprechaun!"
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    • Also, "Niall" plays guitar, plays guitar, Did you know he plays guitar?"
    • "WHO IS DIRECTING THIS SHIT?!" It's a dog.
  • In "I Knew You Were Trouble", Taylor tells how all her exes dumped her.
    • Joe Jonas dumped her for Mickey Mouse.
    • John Mayer hit her with his guitar after she menaced to pull out his teeth if he didn't marry her.
    • Jake Gyllenhaal was freaked out when she sent him 1000 text messages in one day and threatened to kill him after she said she was having his baby, even thought she didn't put out.
      Taylor: Then, I met that Jake Gyllenhal dick, and was obsessed right away!
      Jake: You've sent me 1,000 messages! And that's just from today!!
      Taylor: Oh, that's because I'm having your baby!
      Jake: What?! But, you don't even put out.
      Taylor: Stop questioning me, Jakey, or I'll put you 6 feet underground!!!!!!
      Jake: WHOA! WHOA! Psycho, psycho, psycho!
      Taylor: Fine, go! It's good material.
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    • Conor Kennedy got freaked out by her buying the house next door to control him.
    • She taped Harry Styles to the wall.
      Harry: Someone call the police! You're insane we are through!
      Taylor: You're just like all the rest! What did I do to you?!
    • All the guys form a support group for all Taylor's exes, which turns out to be a set up to commit her into an Insane asylum.
  • "22 Parody" is a sequel of "I Knew You Were Trouble"
    • Opens with Taylor having cut out Harry's face and kidnapped all Joe Jonas, John Mayer, Jake Gyllenhaal and Conor Kennedy to torture them in revenge.
    • Taylor burried all of them in the beach. The whole bit is worth highlighting:
    Taylor: You should have never dumped me. Now you’re all burried. Let’s watch Tyler Perry.
    Taylor: It’s Madea Goes to Jail.
    Guys: AHH!
    Taylor: My favorite movie.
    Jake: This proves she’s crazy.
  • The "Blurred Lines" parody is incredibly hilarious.
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    • This bit from the opening lines:
    This song and video
    would make you wanna take a
    knife that is really dull

    and shove it in your trachea!
    • The first chorus:
    And now it’s time for stupid hashtags
    That say my last name it’s extremely lame.
    Here’s what they should say
    I’m a #douchebag who thinks he’s so smooth
    Everyone’s dancing except me I’m way too cool.
    I’m going blind that’s my excuse when
    I am accused of molesting women
    Cause I’m a #scumbag
    Who wrote this concept?
    Nothing happening makes any damn sense.
  • The parody of "Gentleman" describes PSY as a "Super Creepy Asian Man"
  • "Hot Dog Condom Style"
  • Ryan Lewis playing the saxophone throughout the entire "Thrift Shop" parody
  • The "Best Song Ever" parody has One Direction attempt to make a horrible video and it's funnier than it sounds
  • Shakira's voice throughout the entire "Can't Remember To Forget You" parody.
    • From the same:
    Rihanna: Hold on for a second, hold on for a sec, i need to take a nude for Insta.
    Director: Damn, she's a ho.
  • "We all have Little Things!"
  • "Live While We're Young"
    • Anytime Simon Cowell appears on-screen
    Simon: You are my five sexy puppets.
  • Liam Hemsworth's appearance in the "We Can't Stop" parody as the Only Sane Man
    Liam: Honey, please stop acting like a drunk skank!
    • The two girls watching the video.
    Girl #1: Miley's so cool!
    Girl #2: (holds up packet of drugs) Let's do drugs too!
    Black Woman: We are not yo homegirls and yo ass flat!
    • "If it wasn't for my daddy, I'd be flippin' burgers at Wendy's!"
      • Said father's horrified look when he pulls the spoon out of a bowl of alphabet soup:
    • This scene at the pool:
    Miley: So La da di di dum. I stick out my tongue. More than anyone because I think it looks hot.
    Every background character at the pool: No it does not! Godammit stop!
    • The final scene after Amanda Bynes and Miley collapse on the floor.
    Black Woman: So... you're marrying that? (points to a drunk Miley)
    Liam: Unfortunately. (Takes a drink from a bottle)
  • The "Dark Horse" parody is no slouch either.
    Katy: "... to escape this horrible green screen set."
  • The "Confident" parody is already hilarious (especially for those who hate the artist parodied) But special mention goes to the part with the Takis.
    Justin: "Well I would love to Taki to you on the phone about you not deportin' me back to Canada"
  • In "All that Matters" by Justin Bieber:
  • No mention of the "Wrecking Ball" parody?
    • "Grinded Robin Thicke, Made the whole crowd sick, Especially The Smiths (A photo of the shocked faces)
    • "Time for me to lick this hammer like it's a big metal penis
    • The construction workers storming in near the end.
    • Apparently Miley is too dirty for Ron Jeremy.
  • "Scream and Shout"
    • "You are now-now rockng with a douchebag and a crazy bitch
    • "Driving drunk is fun! Hah!"
    • The kid is later shown again dancing like a madman with a bottle in his hand.
    • "I'm a fraud, this song was written by my dog"
    • Eh yo! Technology gets me so hot. I just had sex with this robot.
      Dalek: IT WAS ROBOT RAPE I SAID STOP STOP STOP! (While is doing a pelvic dance next to it)
  • "We Are One" has Jennifer Lopez play a vuvuzela with her ass which causes both her and Pitbull's heads to explode.
    • Pitbull showing off various products.
      • "Sellout... life!"
    • The FIFA lawyer and Cristiano Ronaldo storming in in the end.
    • Pitbull lifting up his glasses to show that his eyes are crossed. The look on his face is priceless.
    • The parody of Claudia Leitte's part (in Gratuitous Portuguese):
    Homem? Mulher? Errado, um travesti!translation 
    Cuando voy a la biblioteca miro fotos de gatitos. ¡Ver de esta manera no se sabe lo que está diciendo!translation 
  • Avril Lavigne 's rap at the end of "Hello Kitty".
  • "Fancy", with Iggy's "Heh!"
    Iggy: You be trippin', got that hood swag!
    Students: ''You're from Australia! Stop acting black!
    • A student mistakes Charli XCX as Lorde, right after she clarifies that she's not Lorde
    Charli: No, I am not Lorde. We just look the same.
    Student: I'm a huge fan of Royals
    Charli: I am not Lorde!
    • A Funny Background Event at the beginning and end - apparently, the students are learning to rank the penis sizes of white and black rappers. Of note is that Iggy Azalea herself is on the list for white rappers.
    • How quickly retarded Iggy becomes:
    Teacher: I-G-G-Y, that is your name, spell that.
    Iggy: I-E-G-I?
    Teacher: No! Spell that, spell that!
    Iggy: H-R-T-5?
    • After being unable to spell her own name:
    Iggy: Who dat, who dat? (points to a picture of Albert Einstein)
    Teacher: Albert Einstein!
    Iggy: Who dat, who dat? (points to a picture of Barack Obama)
    Teacher: You're kidding me, right?
    • The ending. After getting frustrated by Iggy's stupidity, the teacher throws a cup of coffee at her, which reveals that Iggy is actually Nicki Minaj. Charli's reactions puts the icing of the cake.
    Charli: (in a deep, exaggerated British accent) Holy shit! Iggy Azalea's Nicki Minaj! (faints)
  • "Problem", with the return of Iggy's "Heh!"
    • Anything involving Big Sean getting angry over the camera being zoomed in into his mouth
    Big Sean: Can you please zoom out, dude?
    Ariana: Zoom back in!
    Iggy: Didn't have enough makeup to cover up my black skin, so I dug up Steve Jobs' coffin and stole his sweater from him
    • Ariana and Mariah Carey having a contest on who can sing the highest.
  • His parody of "It's Everyday Bro" by Team 10:
    • "You know it's Nick Crompton and my mom's Mary Poppins!"
    • The Martinez Twins's rap.
  • The Wiggles randomly appearing at the end of the Wiggle parody.
  • Booty gets parodied, and it's hilarious. As expected, Iggy's "HEH!" comes back.
    • Lorde later appears to accuse J-Lo of marketing women like meat, to which J-Lo's thumbs up with a big smile.
    • J-Lo then says that she keeps her ex Ben in her butt
      Ben Affleck: (coming from Jennifer's ass) Someone help me!!
    • Iggy's rap goes from saying the song is awful, to inventing words and then fart the rest of it.
    • Later Nicki Minaj appears and the three of them form "The Illuminati of Booty" to stay on top of the Music Charts.
  • Random things said in the "Hangover" parody such as:
    • Lawnmower
    • October
    • Dead Grover
    Grover: Somebody cut me down when this awful song's over.
  • "Blank Space":
    • Taylor sing about not being in Spotify.
    Taylor: I'm not on Spotify / To hear my new album you'll have to pay / It costs $13.99 / Sold a million in a few days / Oh my god! I'm so rich! / So people say I'm a greedy bitch.
    • Taylor Swift mentions Baker himself, and says that he should die. Taylor's boyfriend (Nash Grier) points out that the video stole Bart's portrayal of her.
      Taylor Swift: There's a mean YouTube guy, who does song parodies about me. I would like to see him die!
      Boyfriend/Nash: Is Bart Baker the one you mean?
      Taylor Swift: That's right! Bart Baker! I'll crush him, that hater!
      Boyfriend/Nash: Then why did you copy him?
      Taylor Swift: Say what?
      Boyfriend/Nash: Have you read the comments on YouTube about this video? Fans say you stole his plot by acting nuts and psycho.
      Taylor Swift: I've always been this way!
      Boyfriend/Nash: You are totally insane!
    • "Dating Satan blows!"
    • Pope Francis shows up, attempts to exorcise Taylor, and instead gets Lorde to come over from next door.
      Pope: I cast you out unclean spirit, leave her forevermore. I command you to be gone in the name of the Lord!
      Lorde: Did somebody call me? I think I heard my name.
  • The Behind-The-Scenes of the "All About That Bass" parody. Highlights include:
    • "Why the vagina under your chin?" (reeferring to the fake double chin Bart wears while portraying Meghan Trainor.
    • The camera slowly panning up to reveal Bart, shirtless, with said fake double chin.
      • "RIP 1,000,000 Fangirls"
    • This little improv by Bart:
      Bart Baker: Yo, what's the deal, dawg, it's your boy Chin Tom. I'm your girl, your boy, I'm your main squeeze and I'm gonna give you dat disease! I got HTVs, I got HTDs, I got HIV, I got STDs. Get with me if you want that big old Italian meat! Talk to my dad, talk to my mom, my uncle's named Tom, my dad's named Frog.
  • In "All About that Bass" every time we are shown Meghan Trainor reacting to another character speak, she is always wearing a ridiculous expression and bobbing her head up and down to the beat.
    • The face she makes once all of her backup dancers abandon her deserves special note. It was used for the thumbnail, after all.
    • It returns in "Lips Are Movin" when Santa Claus attempts to make Meghan admit that she's generalising men as terrible people.
    • Also in "Lips Are Movin":
    Meghan: To drive online traffic in key demographics, we should use this tactic: fill this vid with web stars! Their fans are devoted, and they will promote it...
    GloZell, Markiplier, Jacksfilms and Olga Kay: (in unison) Wait a second, hold it, is that why we're here, Bart?!?!
    (the music awkwardly stops as Meghan waves her hair)
    GloZell: Oh, I see how you is, you just usin' us for views, HUH?
    Meghan: (stares awkwardly, then runs out as a slide whistle plays)
    • And also in "Lips Are Movin", the Epic Records logo on the digital clapperboard at the start is replaced by "dicpic".
    • And "Lips Are Movin" mocks Meghan Trainor's use of HP tablets as product placement while also placing her as someone who thinks every man lies constantly. This leads to her killing Santa and being forced to take over his job. She only gives out HP tablets as revenge, disappointing a child and his mother (the latter of which wants a divorce), leaving the father baffled as to where the tablet came from, until Meghan appears on its screen. The tablet's appearances are pretty funny, too. After the first verse, a tablet falls out from under Meghan's skirt (two gross explanations that come to mind), and before Santa appears, she's waving it manically in front of the camera, and hides it behind her back when he enters.
  • A lot of the comments in Butthurt Comments can be this for all the wrong reasons.
  • "Shake It Off" has Taylor threatening to cut people's testes off if they don't love her
  • The "Animals" parody is full of this.
    • Adam Levine's voice apparently being high enough to attract dogs.
    • Adam showing off what he can do which consists of standing in the rain in a hoodie, developing photography, humping fake pieces of meat, acting crazy, taking pictures on his smartphone and smearing blood all over himself
    • Adam's It's All About Me attitude leading the band to hang him up on a pole and torture him with the sound of his own voice.
    • "Sugar" has Maroon 5 hijacking weddings thinking they're giving them the honor, when in reality Adam's high pitched voice is so much of a Brown Note that it broke every glass in their faces, made them puke and crap at the same time and their heads explode. They later are mentioned in a newscast and the reporter mistakenly calls them "Moron 5", only to later complain about Levine's performance in the Oscars.
    Anchorwoman: (deadpan) Wow, that is some mind-blowing footage.
    • The Running Gag in the Behind the Scenes video where Bart repeatedly burps "SUGAAAAR!" followed by a ding.
  • The entirety of the "Anaconda" parody.
    Nicki Minaj: "So plastic that when I die, throw me in recycling!"
    • Sir Mix-a-Lot shows up and accuses Nicki of ripping of his song.
    Sir-Mix-A-Lot: "You ripped off/ 'Baby Got Back' / I'm pissed off/ Turned it to trash/ Give me some/ Of all that cash!"
    Nicki Minaj: "Haha, bitch please!" *farts in his face* "Talk to the ass!"
    • "I'm dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb!"
    • Nicki forcing a lap dance on Drake and tries to smother his face on her butt.
    Drake: I don't want a lap dance! Your butt is too damn fat!!
    Nicki Minaj: You're gonna eat this ass!!
    • And near the end, Sir-Mix-A-Lot sends an actual anaconda to kill Nicki!
    Sir-Mix-A-Lot: My anaconda ate Nick's buns and now this dumb song is done!
  • "Uptown Funk" has the repeated joke of Mark Ronson (who had previously been called "some dork" despite having written the song) being a really bad dancer. In the end, Michael Jackson comes to clear up the rumours of him having a long lost son, who turns out to be Ronson, therefore making him black and thus able to dance.
    • "That's not a man, that's a lesbian"
    • Girls being grossed out by Bruno Mars and his backup dancers
    • All the references of Bruno Mars being high on coke.
  • In the "Elastic Heart" Parody:
    • The little girl is sent to wrestle Shia LeBeouf while her mother has a lot of cash in her hands.
    • In "Elastic Heart", the cameo near the end by Stan Lee inventing a Superhero movie based on Sia: The thick-skinned singer with an elastic heart.
  • For the "Style" parody:
    • Taylor's Romantic Interest for this video is a mannequin. Said mannequin is seen in many poses from the original video, including him peeing on a wall.
    • Also the video looks cheap because she went over budget with "Blank Space", after she smashed an expensive sportscar and the mansion got burned.
    • She repeatedly says that the mannequin is a better lover because he won't leave, talk back and will let her many of the kinky stuff she wants in the bedroom. Also that "Style" is not named after Harry because she's already over with him.
    • The remaining members of One Direction put a stop to Taylor by petrifying her with their groins. Also they take away the mannequin to replace Zayn.
    • Then someone takes the petrified Taylor as a replacement for their shop mannequin. Her pose and expression make the resulting window display hilarious.
  • From the "Worth It" parody:
    • After Dinah kicks a guy in the eye and he asks for her to stop kicking him, she flips the bird at him.
    • Camilla stops the song and berates Kid Ink for repeating his first verse.
      Camilla: Stop the Music! No, Kid Ink! Bad Kid Ink! Your second verse is exactly the same as your first! What's the point?! Get your lazy ass outta here! (Kid Ink gets up and leaves) God!
    • As they are about to get sued, Simon Cowell seems like he is going to defend them... only to reveal that they lost all their cash in the stock market.
      Camilla: God Dammit! I told you guys we shouldn't have invested in Donald Trump!
  • "Bitch I'm Madonna". All of it, no hyperbole.
    • The obnoxious "wop-wop" sounds in the song being produced by Diplo's power drill.
    "Oh, Sorry. I thought recording myself power-drilling a wall will be a great way to make this vid even tackier." (Grins)
    • After the girl chases Madonna out of the set, Diplo comes back in and power drills some more before remarking "But that tooth gap though."
    • Madonna's childish attitude being the result of a "Freaky Friday" Flip between her and a 14-year-old girl. Especially the ending.
    • Nicki's rap, where the random cameos from Kanye West, Beyoncé and Katy Perry appear with disgusted faces.
      • Nicki compares the song like "a moskito farting on the mic"
      • Diplo also admits that he composed it by eating a burrito and farting on the microphone.
  • In "Sorry", Justin Bieber acts like a jerk because as long as he "feels regret", he can always go back to act like a douchebag.
    • After being a Jerkass to a lot of people, Justin then, for the sprinkles on the sundae, intends to tweet spoilers of The Force Awakens. To which Kylo Ren arrives and beheads him.
    • Also this rhyming:
      As long as I pretend I feel regret
      I could beat an old man with a baguette
  • From I Don't Wanna Live Forever parody.
    Show us your penis!!

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