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Baron Corbin may be a smug self-centered jerk, but he does have some funny moments, being The Comically Serious in all of them.

  • November 28, 2017. Baron receives a challenge for his U.S. Championship...
    Roode: Well, if you're not scared, there's really only one way to prove it. Why don't you put that title on the line...against me. Tonight!
    Corbin: (pause) ...No.
    (Baron walks offscreen as though nothing happened, leaving Bobby Roode looking annoyed.)
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  • January 29, 2018. Baron walks into Tye Dillinger and Shane McMahon. And when Shane says he's still a McMahon, Tye interrupts and we get this exchange:
    Dillinger: Hey, hey.
    Corbin: What? Are you still here?
    Dillinger: Yeah, I'm still here. Unlike your...Money in the Bank contract.
  • You think it's bad enough that certain heels force the ring announcer to given them outlandishly long and boastful ring introductions? Baron Corbin raises the bar by having the phrase "and (city)'s favorite son" tacked on to the end of his intro on every episode of Raw!

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