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  • "Armed. Like a naked savage." Says Barbarella, armed and naked. As if realizing this, she immediately goes to put something on.
  • Barbarella in the Fur Bikini. The tail gets stuck on her ship's Dilating Door, and later she gets the tail out of the way just in time before a sliding door closes on it, while having this annoyed look on her face. Later still she trips on it, and that's when she decides she's had enough and goes to change. Also, the head of whatever animal it is kind of looks like Gonzo if he really let himself go.
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  • When Pygar first bumps into Barbarella she's passed out on the ground. Because he's blind, he ends up accidentally fondling her breasts, which wakes her up, looking most startled (but not upset).
  • Professor Ping's reaction to Pygar flying after having sex with Barbarella.
    (watches in wonder) "Interesting therapy..."
  • When Barbarella and Pygar get trapped in the Chamber of Ultimate Solution, Barbarella makes a funny-sounding squicked out noise when she notices the Mathmos under her.
  • Barbarella on being executed by pecking songbirds: "This is much too poetic a way to die!"
  • Future Earth's way of sex is fully revealed in the scene with Dildano and it turns out to be quite ridiculous as Barbarella and Dildano get new hairdos for some reason, and Dildano starts smoking from his fingers, which alarms even Barbarella. In the middle of all this, a rebel slides into the scene and watches awkwardly while waiting to deliver his message to Dildano.

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