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Funny / Banlieue 13

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  • When Lola was first dragged into Taha's complex, one of his mooks said he wanted her panties. When she and Leito break out by taking Taha hostage, she removes her panties, stuffs them in the guy's mouth and tells him to "start chewing". You can still see him standing stock still in the background after the rest of the mooks rush after Lola, Leito and Taha.)
  • In the original version's initial apartment chase, they run through the bedroom of an elderly couple, who clutch each other in fear and scream, which is really not funny at all. In the remake, the elderly woman tases one of Taha's mooks! Later, Leito runs past a group of young boys playing video games and says "Hi kids!", to which one of the young boys replies "Hey, Leito" in an incredibly deadpan voice without even looking up.
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  • Damien taking revenge on Carlos Montoya for the murder of Pedro by shooting up Montoya's beloved car.


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