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Funny / Bananas in Pyjamas

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  • The entirety of the episode "Bananas Without Pyjamas" is a Crowning Moment Of Funny.
  • The Bananas trying to figure out what Amy is trying to say in "Lost Voice", knowing that she's lost something, but they can't figure it out for the life of them.
  • The entirety of the episode "Sneezing Time" is a Sneezing Moment Of Funny.
  • In one episode, Morgan makes his fridge remote-controlled so that he can move it close to his bed. The Bananas call him lazy, leading to this exchange.
    Morgan: "Is it lazy to lie in bed and eat snacks?"
    Bananas: "Yes; very lazy!"
    • This leads to all of Morgan's furniture being remote-controlled, and the characters riding on it.
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  • After two years, the song from the 5-part "music video making" episodes was finally released in full. [[ The music video]] made to promote it was just too funny due to its "storybook" style.

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