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  • This exchange from "Enemy of My Enemies", after Backstrom has accused a lawyer of enlisting a young girl to plant bombs for her:
    Gravely: Ms. Dearing, the lieutenant does not mean to suggest-
    Backstorm: Yes, he does.
    Gravely: No, he does not mean-
    Backstrom: I do mean to suggest.
    Gravely: What he's trying to say is-
    Backstrom: Will you let me suggest?
  • In "I Like to Watch"
    • Backstrom and a former suspect start to get it on in the middle of her performance piece and the incident is broadcast live to the hoots and hollers of an approving audience (including Moto) and to the horror/disdain of the cops back at the SCU.
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    • Backstrom finally makes Valentine the kite he wanted. He makes the kite in the shape of a giant cock and balls but insists on saying that it's a rocket.

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