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The short answer is "the entire goddamn thing." For the sake of page quality, here are the highlights.

  • "Game time started!"
  • "He is in my behind!"
    • Later... "R2, do you is fucking?"
  • Ratio Tile's depraved swearing:
    • "Do you fuck on I?"
    • "R2, do you is fucking?"
    • "They want to know him at fuck"
    • " what who fuck"
  • As he confronts Space General and his robot army, Ratio Tile shows his Mr. Vice Guy character by believing the best in others, despite being approached with hostility a second later.
    • Ratio Tile: "Everybody is good."
    • Space General and his army of drones turn around and activate their weapons.
  • D solemnly informs Text How Big of Space General's plan: "He is to splits up the doctrine alliance leads."
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  • Vanquish Is talking about Allah Gold's problems in a counselling session:
    "Pregnancy? Pregnancy."
  • D's description of the Dark.
    D: Allah Gold, if a person wants to comprehend, that he must the square who study it the square, but only a little bit much more than only concerning. If you like to be a leads more astutely, that you must accept this more great power. But want the caution Hopeless Situation, Allah Gold, you only ask for help me then can become the...the knowledge of the dark of the study Hopeless, in the fire of water. (twisted little grin)
    Allah Gold: You say what?
  • "Apparently I depraved." Especially in the baffled tone of voice that Ratio Tile's voice actor uses to casually toss off the line before changing subjects in the dub.
  • Roughly an hour and 15 minutes and 16 seconds into the fandub, Allah Gold, after witnessing the death of Text How Big, utters "I did what?" in such a flustered tone that it completely annihilates an already partially destroyed scene.
    • Just before then, you have Speaker D, in his Drunk with Power glory, proclaim that he would GET TO SAY WITH YOU THAT PART FOREVER!
  • Almost every one of Space General's lines.
    • "I should really feeds you all dog!"
    • "Smelly boy!"
      • Repeated three times in a row, no less.
    • "Let old man come to dealt with this Hopeless!"
  • Blow The Skin muttering that Allah Gold and The Plum Of "Kiss too loudly". A nice moment of levity after the Hopeless Situation Warriors are slaughtered and everything.
  • Ratio's response to Allah Gold's claim that heroes are evil to him, "Friend, you are crazy!".
  • D The Superior's tone when he finds Allah Gold burnt to a crisp: it goes from relieved and triumphant to rather deadpan and disgusted.
    "He returns!...Incredibly on the hoof.
  • The (in)famous "DO NOT WANT" scene.
  • Just the entire goddamn thing. This bootleg takes one of the darkest Star Wars films created and turns it into an incomprehensible mess of laughably terrible translations, complete with actual voice acting and non-sequiturs that have absolutely nothing to do with the original dialogue.
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  • There now exists a "What Character From Backstroke Of The West Are You?" test. The answers are about as hilarious as you would expect.

    You got: Allah Gold
    You’re a hopeless situation warrior struggling with the Presbyterian Church. Often confused by your own actions you’re just looking for someone to help you find your way. Your friends would describe you as disloyal and shady as fuck.

    You got: The D
    Cunning, manipulative, terrible skin. You don't have many close friends and people struggle between being suspicious of you and trusting you completely for no reason whatsoever. The more evil you get the more sexual you become.

    You got: Reaches Of Come
    Daddy issues and insecurities about your height and the fact that you're bald now you're prone to sudden outbursts and getting flayed alive. Your fashion sense and the magical grip of your right hand (yum?) can get you through just about anything though.

    You got: The Plum
    When people look at you they think "we can't explain why she quick dead". Prone to problem pregnancies, crying, and getting straight up choked you've been having a rough time lately. Maybe lie down and relax with some flowers surrounded by loved ones.

  • You know you're in for something special from the very beginning, when the Star Wars logo fills up the screen and it gets subtitled as "Star war."
  • The way D's voice actor delivers "Good of good" is arguably hammier than McDiarmid's original line.
  • Backstroke of the West - The Novelization. Both its' very existence and the fact that it's rated T because of Ratio Tile's swearing.

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