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  • We get a A Day In The Lime Light chapter for Kibo, and when he comes across Kokichi, his immediate first thoughts are "NO, NOT YOU". Poor guy even tries to "abort" the conversation, only for his system to respond with "access denied" leaving him to stay dealing with Kokichi.
  • When viewing the motive videos, Kokichi pushes the cast to the point of tying him up and putting duct tape over his mouth just to restrain him. Here's the kicker, when they agree to take a break, they all forget to release Kokichi and leave them there for about a good half hour.
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  • With elements of possible Squick during Kaede's heart-to-heart with Miu, Tenko joins them for a group hug, only for Kaede to be begging mentally that the wet fluids she feels from Miu is tears and nothing else.
  • Kaede's reaction to Kiyo being a Attractive Bent-Gender during the talent show.


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