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  • "The First Thanksgiving":
    • B.C. discovering fire. And whenever he inhales the smoke and sneezes, he ignites it (or even causes a volcano to erupt).
    • Dookie pulling John's tail as if he was activating a motor.
    • Wiley's earth-shaking scream.
    • The turkey explaining how to flavor rock soup.
    • This exchange
      The Fat Broad: OK, men! There's only one way to flavor rock soup, and that's with a dead turkey! Right?
      Men: Right! Yeah!
      The Fat Broad: We gotta get out there and get that bird!
      Men: Get that bird! Get that bird!
      The Fat Broad: And when we get him, what are we gonna do?
      Men: What are we gonna do?! What are we gonna do?!
      (The Fat Broad is not amused)
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    • The turkey chase.
    • The Cute Chick interrupting the chase.
      • B.C. imitates the Cute Chick and the men laugh, until...
        (beat) "Hi...turkey?"
    • While the men are busy chasing the turkey, Gronk (the dinosaur) comes along and eats the soup. However, he finds it disgusting and puts out the fire with the remaining soup, spits out the rocks, and leaves grumbling.
    • B.C. imitating the turkey, only to be trampled by the stampeding men.
    • "You know, you that's gotta be the first time I've ever answered a telephone that went (gobbling noises)... Oh well."
    • At night, the men come back having failed to catch the turkey only to find the soup all gone having eaten by Gronk earlier. The Fat Broad decides a new alternative to dinner:
      Fat Broad: We'll eat the rocks. (the men's eyes widen and tremble)
    • Right before the Fat Broad declares her idea for tonight's dinner, the Adder becomes alarmed and runs off as if he thought he could be the dinner.
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    • The Repeat After Me gag during the saying grace scene.
      Turkey: Will you guys cut the comedy?
      Cavepeople: Will you guys cut the comedy.
    • The Fat Broad chomping half of the rock she was sitting on in rage when she found out the turkey was just sitting right by her and she unknowingly let him go.

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