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For the TV show:

  • When Britten first hallucinates a penguin in his house, possibly after being injected with a hallucinatory sedative.
  • Also penguins: Vega in a penguin suit. He's just so matter of fact, it cracks you up.
  • When Lee and Evans finally meet each other, in hallucination form. "Were I his creation, it would simply show that even his imagination is a better therapist than you."

For the Movie:

  • After Clay's rib gets snapped during the surgery:
    Dr. Puttnam: Ooh, that's going to hurt in the morning. Sorry, Clay.
    Clay: (thinking) Yeah, you better be fucking sorry! Fucking asshole!
  • A Deleted Scene serving as an alternate introduction for Dr. Lupin, who entered the hosptial dressed as the Grim Reaper.

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