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Can we save some time (and a page) by saying the whole damn show is funny and leave it at that? No? Well, I guess we shall elaborate below.

During a Chicago Performance of "Everyone's a little bit racist" this is said
"Princeton":No,just little judgments like thinking Mexicans should pay for your stupid fucking wall.
  • "Grab your dick and double-click for porn, porn, PORN!!"
    Kate Monster: Normal people don't sit at home and look at porn on the Internet!
    • In some performances, rather than an Aside Glance, Trekkie will point out someone in the audience and go "This guy definitely does!"
    • Kate asks Trekkie Monster to be quiet for a minute so she can finish the song. Trekkie trying to keep himself from blurting out "FOR PORN!" is hilarious. The puppeteers usually have him twiddle his thumbs or cover his mouth with his hands while doing it.
      Kate Monster: I'm glad we have this new technology...
      Trekkie Monster: For porn! Oops, sorry.
      Kate Monster: (sternly) Which gives us untold opportunity...
      Trekkie Monster: For porn! Oops.
      Kate Monster: From your own desktop...
      Trekkie Monster: (frustrated silence)
      Kate Monster: You can research, browse, and shop...
      Trekkie Monster: (desperate silence)
      Kate Monster: Until you've had enough and you're ready to stop...
      Trekkie Monster: FOR PORN!!
      Kate Monster: Trekkie!!
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    • When the male characters come to back up Trekkie ("All these guys unzip their flies for porn, porn, porn!"), a frustrated Kate reminds them that they do other things on the Internet besides porn, such as trading stocks online and selling their things on eBay, which they agree with. But when she mentions Princeton sending her an online birthday card, Trekkie Monster chimes in with, "Oh, but Kate, what you think he do after?!"
    Kate Monster: Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!
    • Bonus points to one production, which adds the words 'before' and 'during.'
    • The Australian cast performing "Internet is for Porn" at a comedy gala is funny in itself, but special mention goes to Kate's puppeteer Michala Banas. The line "you're ruining my song" is delivered utterly deadpan (which makes it funnier) and her facial expressions are priceless. (Partially justified as she's an actress and also partially justified in that it's a comedy gala)
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  • "There is life outside your aparrrrrt-ment...but now it's time to go home (for porn)!"
  • "Brian, slow down! It's not a race!"
  • While it's often true that people hate it when they Bowdlerize things, "My Social Life is Online" manages to still be a funny song.
  • Some of Nicky's sleep mumbles.
    Nicky: I know, put my earmuffs on the cookie!
  • As Princeton sings about his purpose, the word PURPOSE appears on a screen and slowly rearranges into the word PROPOSE. Princeton is absolutely terrified and yells out "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" This could also double as Nightmare Fuel
  • Kate singing back-up for Christmas Eve:
    Christmas Eve: Ruv!
    Kate: Love!
    Christmas Eve: And hate!
    Kate: And hate!
    Christmas Eve: They like two brothers...
    Kate: Brothers!
    Christmas Eve: ...who go on a date.
    Kate: Who...what?
  • The Bad Idea Bears. Cute as a button little Care Bear looking things, who only show up to offer truly bad ideas. They're always a riot, but their truly crowning moment arrives when Princeton and Kate are at a bar and have just agreed that they shouldn't get too drunk:
    Bad Idea Bears: LET'S PLAY A DRINKING GAME!!!
    Bad Idea Bear 1: Here, have a Long Island Iced Tea!
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  • No longer part of the show, but this intermission scene, where Nicky sings a song while hogging the bathroom.
  • The song "My Girlfriend Who Lives In Canada," in which Rod tries a little too hard to convince the others that he's not gay. Especially hilarious are the ending lines:
    Rod: I love her, I miss her, I can't wait to kiss her, so soon I'll be off to Alberta!
    Rod: ...I mean Vancouver! Shit, her name is Alberta, she lives in Vancouver- She's my girlfriend! My wonderful girlfriend! Yes I have a girlfriend, who lives in Canada! (A pause, as the music winds down) And I can't wait to eat her pussy again!
    • In certain performances, EVERYONE shuts up and stares after the "eat her pussy" line, including the cast, the audience and the orchestra!! And during the dead silence, Rod, with nothing else to do, repeats the wide, smiling "Ta-dah!" gesture he did to end the song with that line, completely wordlessly.
  • The animation sequences. Especially "Five nightstands! Four nightstands! ...One night stand!")
  • As part of touring production that visited Omaha, during The Money Song, the actors all got back to the stage, Christmas Eve says "How much did we get?" And Princeton responds with "Well, besides this ticket stub to the Huskers game, not much at all."
    • This joke changes depending on where the show is being performed. Typically it's a ticket to sporting events or a local tourist attraction.
      • In a local performance in Adelaide, Australia, the cast received a ticket stub to a strip club.
      • In Brisbane, Princeton found a condom.
    • In an Off-Broadway performance, someone put a Metro Card (NYC public transportation pass for those unaware) in the hat, which Princeton said he was keeping.
  • This particular exchange, where Kate sees Lucy going to Princeton's apartment, is both hilarious and awesome:
    Kate: Is she a friend of yours?
    Princeton: Uh, yeah.
    Kate: Is her name "Purpose?"
  • Christmas Eve's wedding dress. Words can't describe how wonderfully tacky it is.
    • To give you an idea of just HOW tacky her dress can get, one performance in Adelaide decided to take it up to eleven by having her dress be decorated with what appeared to be disco balls. They turned the lights off...and the disco balls lit up.
  • "Why are you so happy?" "'Cause our lives SUCK."
    • Similar: "Watcha guys laughing about?" "Racism!" "Cool!"
  • After Kate meets Princeton in Lucy the Slut's hospital room:
    Princeton: Some idiot dropped a penny off the Empire State Building.
    Kate: Shit.
  • You have to laugh at the concept of (and song) "Schadenfreude," if only because it's true.
  • When Lucy is unconscious in the hospital, the heart monitor's readings look like tits.
  • One can't help but laugh about how, during the Royal Variety Performance, Lucy explains how she has her eyes on a guy that is rich and comes from a good family, just to stare at where Charles, Prince of Wales is seated while yelling an seductive "HEY BABY!". It can be seen here.
  • In one scene, Rod tries going to Christmas Eve for advice regarding his sexuality, via the "I Have This Friend..." method. Unfortunately, he doesn't get the answer he wants to hear.
    Rod: I think my friend is, uh... gay.
    Christmas Eve: What wrong with that? You know, Rod, gay people make major contribution to art, philosophy, and literature for many hundreds of years now.
    Rod: Oh, but my friend isn't an artist, he's a Republican. And an investment banker.
    Christmas Eve: Oh... well, tell him to stay in closet then. He good for nothing.
    (Awkward Beat)
    Rod (nervous): ...Okay great! Thanks for the advice!
    Christmas Eve (laughs): Yeah, I wouldn't want a friend like that!
    Rod (feigning laughter): Nooo! Thanks again!
    Christmas Eve: Bye Rod! (leaves)
    Rod (slowly turns to the audience with an Oh, Crap! expression) ...Shit.
  • After Rod comes out and Nicky introduces him to Ricky, Rod's reaction is as hilarious as it is adorable.
    Rod: Oh sweet suffering Jesus! Nicky AND Ricky!? (ecstatically to Kate) Ooh, my cup runneth over!
  • In at least one performance of "Special", all the men in the cast are having the expected reaction to Lucy. Meanwhile, Rod is sitting there with a book, completely and utterly unfazed. To the point that you wonder if he even noticed she was there.
  • Rod is in such a Transparent Closet that there is absolutely no reaction to his finally coming out in the last scene.

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