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  • Cloud 9 is introduced being chased by War Machine and several Air Force jets for flying without FAA approval. While trying to escape, she nervously mutters that this is way worse than driving her mom's car without permission.
  • Henry Gyrich versus Sally Floyd. Gyrich loses, both times.
  • Gyrich describing the usual means of getting superpowers (lab accidents, time-warps, radiation) as "the way God intended (for people to get superpowers)."
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  • Taskmaster takes a phone call from Norman Osborn and claims that he's welcome to inspect the base for any unprofessionalism. It's then revealed that he's surrounded by meta humans drinking, brawling and pole-dancing, and he has to make up an excuse when Osborn hears noise from the party.
  • Karla Sofen, as the new Captain Marvel, gets her uniform slashed by Tigra, exposing her cleavage in front of several paparazzi. She then angrily tells Osborn to chase Tigra himself and grumbles about she had a perfectly good metal-plated costume before being forced to dress as Captain Marvel.
  • Taskmaster gets an introspective, yet funny, rant about how frustrating it's been being Surrounded by Idiots in the past.
    Taskmaster: You’re like me, Frank. Realistic. We never tried to take over the world or make Iron Man kiss our feet in Times Square. We were happy gettin' rich. Living large … I'm usually taking orders from immortal Nazis or government spooks. Train this spider-chick. Kill that sheikh. Show me how to throw a billy club like Daredevil, and hey, can I pay you after they make me emperor of Newark?
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  • Gravity gets Reassigned to Antarctica in a particularly hilarious fashion. Osborn's Sugary Malice build-up to it helps a lot.
    Osborn: You're being transferred to a state that sorely needs your leadership skills. Your home state in fact.
    Cuts to Gravity at an airport, where the C-List Fodder Great Lakes Avengers are excitedly waiting for him.
    Flatman: There he is! Gravity! Over here!
    Squirrel Girl: This is gonna be so great.
    Gravity: (sotto voice) It's just a nightmare. I'll wake up any second now. Please?
  • Taskmaster's This Is Gonna Suck moment when he's ordered to invade Asgard has some decent Black Comedy.

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