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Funny / Avatar: The Way of Water

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  • Neytiri and Jake tell their children how they met, which is the opposite of a Meet Cute.
    Neytiri: When I met your father... I tried to kill him.
    Jake: (grins and cuddles her) It was love at first sight.
  • A young Lo’ak and Kiri are shown fighting over a toy with a tired Jake in the background. He only steps in when Kiri calls her brother “penis face”.
  • During the opening montage, the Sullys have a family photo taken... with Kiri rolling her eyes to one side in full Bratty Teenage Daughter mode. Clearly, some things are universal among teenagers across species.
    • Looking more closely, Kiri isn't the only one. Lo'ak doesn't look to be in a very photogenic mode either, and when Neteteyam tells him to "Smile, skxawng!" his forced grin looks more like a grimace.
    • The Sullys' Na'vi eyes glow when flashed by a camera, just like cats.
  • As Quaritch briefs his fellow Recombinants on their mission, he decides to get the inevitable pun out of the way early.
    Quaritch: Now, I know you're all asking yourselves the same question: why so blue?
  • Lo'ak and Spider teasing Kiri by joking about how Norm might be her mysterious father(based on how often he's in the background of Grace's research log videos). Needless to say, she is not amused by either them or the prospect.
    Kiri: You do not deserve to live.note 
    Kiri: I would kill myself.note  I would drink acid.

  • When Quaritch asks Lo'ak to show his fingers to see if he is also a half-breed, Lo'ak decides to flip two birds at Quaritch. Hilariously, Quaritch finds it amusing and comments that Lo’ak really is Jake’s son.
    • In the same scene:
      Quaritch: Where is your father?
      Lo'ak: (in Na'vi) I don't speak English... to buttholes.
      Quaritch: (in near-perfect Na'vi) Where is your father?
    • This becomes a Brick Joke later on after Spider is forced to join his unit as their interpreter. As the two ride an Ikran in search of Jake, Quaritch struggles to pronounce correctly the "I See You"note  greeting.
      Spider: Okay, this one: "I See You".
      Quaritch: Oe Naati Kamaeia.
      Spider: Ngaati, ngaati.
      Quaritch: (Confused) That's what I just said, isn't it? Oe Naati Kamaeia.
      Spider: Not Naati. Ngaati.
      Quaritch: Ngaa. Right, like comin' out your nose or something.
  • Upon his arrival to Pandora, Quaritch watches the video log that his human self recorded before the final battle in the first movie. He comments that this is just in case he doesn't survive, before adding that it's not gonna happen.
    Quaritch: What you won't remember is my death, because it hasn't happened yet. And it ain't gonna.
  • During the scene when the Sully family first arrived at Awa'atlu, Lo'ak caught sight of Tsireya (aka The Metkayina Chief's Daughter) whose Establishing Character Moment included a Sexy Surfacing Shot from the ocean waves complete with a little wet hair flip over her shoulders. His reaction? Just to raise an eyebrow before looking away quickly. Even more funny when you realize both Neteyam and Neytiri did catch Lo'ak's reaction and had what looked like little smirks on their faces.
  • When Jake and his family finally reached to their new hut house after meeting the Metkayina Clan, Neytiri does not look at all happy with the aesthetics, like a wife on a family vacation not liking the hotel room accommodations.
    Jake: Yeah, this'll work. This is great, it's nice, right?
    Neytiri: (looks around the room, sighs, and drops her rolled-up carpet abruptly onto the floor)
  • When Tsireya was teaching Lo'ak and his siblings how to slow their heartbeats in order to breathe properly underwater, she notices that Lo'ak's heartbeat was rather fast when she placed her hands on his stomach (which happened mainly because Lo'ak had developed a serious crush on her). Lo'ak's brother Neteyam and Ao'nung's close friend Roxto looked at each other with knowing smirks, while Kiri sighed and rolled her eyes with a “Guys, seriously?” expression on her face.
  • Tuk gets captured and handcuffed to a railing, rescued by Lo'ak and then not twenty minutes later captured and handcuffed again.
    Tuk: I can't believe I'm tied up again!
    • A while earlier, Kiri is captured by Quaritch and then restrained by Wainfleet, to which she starts channeling Grace.
      Wainfleet: Let's go, buttercup. Get up.
      Kiri: I'm not your buttercup, perv!
  • After Neteyam and Lo'ak get into a fight with Aonung and his friends for insulting Kiri, Jake berates Lo'ak for fighting the chief's son and that he should know better, and then after dismissing him, asks Neteyam how Aonung and his friends look.
    Jake: Hey. So what do the other guys look like.
    Neteyam: ...Worse.
    Jake: That's good.
    Neteyam: (Grinning) A lot worse.
    Jake: Get out of here.
    Neteyam: It was my fault.
    Jake: I don't think so. You've got to stop taking the heat for this Knucklehead!
  • Even though he's in the line of fire, Dr. Garvin can't help but get a kick out of Payakan giving the whalers their well-deserved comeuppance, to the point that he outright sasses the desperate Captain Scoresby.
    Garvin: I thought you were the intelligent species, Scoresby.
    Scoresby: Shut yer cakehole, Garvin!
  • When Lo'ak returns to the village, an irritable Neytiri says only what a mother would:
    Neytiri: I pray for the strength that I will not pluck the eyeballs out of my youngest son!