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  • National Tea Appreciation Day.
  • All those snowballs.
  • The history professor's tired exasperation when Zuko asks him to repeat what he'd just said.
    Professor: (sigh) A teenager is a teenager. Apparently, even if he's a head of state.
  • Zuko and Azula's first dialogue while she's still wheelchair bound.
    Zuko: So, what did you and father talk about?
    Azula: Oh, the usual. He asked about the weather, I told him how much I'm enjoying the scrumptious food they have at the nuthouse.
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  • Sokka attempting to convince the others that he should have first guard duty of Azula. She shocks him with lightning in response.
  • During Azula's return, Sokka manages to hit Azula in the back of her head with the he was able to hit Zuko in the back of his with the boomerang in episode two of the animated series.
    • A lot of the Sokka and Azula moments.
    Sokka: "Nature hates you!"
  • Azula and Katara get into an argument, then we cut to Aang and Zuko in a serious conversation further up the trail. Finally, Sokka yells out for them to pay attention and stop the argument before something gets burned or frozen!
  • Sokka's mimicry of all the faces he finds in Forgetful Valley just to point out Aang's available options.
  • When Aang comments that they finally arrived to the Forgetful Valley, Sokka asks if he is using his Avatar powers to know it. Aang's response? "No, it says so in the sign."
  • Aang's face visibly contorts whenever he gets his "spirit sense" going. Implied later that he has no control over this and it doesn't wear off for quite some time.
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  • Azula the perpetual relationship cynic:
    Azula: Oh please. Their charade disgusted me. Nobody's that happy.
    Katara: Aang and I are that happy!
    Azula: Because you two are idiots!
  • Some of Azula's comedic moments comes from her practicality, such as trying to cut down on traveling time by burning down a forest.

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