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  • A lot of Ally's Shrinking Violet moments. Special mention to her trashing an entire studio set.
  • Before they went on the Helen show, Trish and Dez gets Austin and Ally a mug. Trish's mug is a basic congratulatory one... while Dez's is one he got just in case they failed.
  • Austin Comically Missing the Point at the end of "Zaliens & Cloud Watchers":
    Cool! You named a goose after me?
  • Dez deep frying an entire restaurant in "Bloggers & Butterflies."
  • The fact Austin's fear is umbrellas
  • The end of "Songwriting & Starfish", which takes Trish's job-changing Running Gag Up to Eleven: She asks the police officer if they're hiring at the station, openly states that she won't be doing any work...and he tells her to start on Monday.
    • The sign in the ice cream freezer: "NO HUGGING THE ICE CREAM". As if to imply that this is a regular occurrence.
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  • The entire sequence where they try to film Ally doing a piano lesson for Dez in order to fake an audition for Ally's music school.
  • Dez's "Seussophone" scene at the beginning of the first episode.
  • In Tickets & Trashbags, Ally, Dez, and Trish go to the award show to apologize Austin for acting like little kids. They wear disguises and hide in trash cans. Of course, they didn't know they lead to the front of the stage. Cue Ally's freak out scream when she sees thousands of people.
  • Many of Austin and Dez's Incessant Music Madness in some episodes.
  • "I'M MELON MAN!" -Nelson
  • "Viral Videos & Very Bad Dancing" shows Ally "dancing" every time. This time, she name her "dance" moves for her "dance" video:
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  • Every time any character tries to lie.

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