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  • The ending of the scene where Aoyama meets Shigehiko's new girlfriend. As he exits the room, he gives his son an expression as if to say "Nice one!" while giving him the index-finger-and-thumb-make-a-circle hand gesture.
  • During the audition montage, Aoyama and Yoshikawa immediately notice that one of the girls sitting down had already gone through it. Turns out she has more to say!
  • During Asami's interview, Aoyama suddenly pipes up with loads of questions, when he'd previously remained silent during all of the previous interviews (which Yoshikawa had called him out on). Yoshikawa's stunned expression when Aoyama just keeps talking is priceless.
  • The scene where Yoshikawa laments his friend's inability to see reality is brilliant. "So you think I am a useless old man who has foolishly lost his head over some girl too young for him, Yoshikawa?" *Short silence* "Yes." Cue hilarious rage from Aoyama who proceeds to leave, ignoring the wise advice to leave Asami well alone...