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Funny / Attack of the Show!

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  • The Cobra Commander presidential campaign.
  • Stephanie Sheh gets an uncredited, rare live-action appearance as a spastic Olivia Munn fangirl who got past studio security, and who dresses like Munn. When Olivia points out their height difference and that she isn't as attractive as her, she bites into her leg.
  • A gaming challenge which pitted Chris Gore (using the world's largest NES controller) against Kevin Pereira (using the world's smallest NES controller). Since Kevin's controller is smaller than a Quarter, he has to manipulate the buttons using toothpicks. When he loses, he storms off, going, "This controller sucks!"
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  • Kevin Pereira in an orange bikini. Yes, A Man Should Never Wear a Bikini, but it was a bit camp.
  • A certain segment (which actually took places across the entire episode) was played up as a challenge between two old, nursing-home tenants on which one can hook up a TV and VCR the fastest. Yes, it was slightly cruel and mean-spirited, but in that sort of Attack Of The Show! charm that only it can pull off.

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