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  • Small thing but when Gascoigne first gets hit with that car, something about the timing feels snicker worthy. Of course what happens next is a lot less humorous.
  • David picking up Lorraine's shoe after the fight that resulted in her would-be KGB kidnappers' car getting upturned... and using it to avoid getting shot by her since she just had a brutal fight and car crash and doesn't know what will come to her next.
    David: (bends to the car window) Welcome to Berlin, I'm Dav... (Lorraine shoots, he ducks)
    Lorraine: Where the fuck were you?!
    David: Don't... shoot, I've got your shoe! (shows her the shoe through the window)
    • Then David offers to help Lorraine with her bags... while the two of them are standing next to the upturned car, and David's dragging the unconscious body of the driver. David opens the car's boot, Lorraine's bags tumble out, and David resumes dragging the body off as if nothing in the scene looks out of the ordinary.
      David: Welcome to Berlin.
      Lorraine: Fuck's sake!
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  • David Percival receives an important call about a spy coming to Berlin. He gets it while horrendously hungover and in bed with two women.
  • Lorraine and Delphine's hook-up scene from the restricted trailer is both Fanservice and funny:
    • Before it even begins, we have the moment the two of them meet in the club. As they lean in to kiss — right after a clip of C instructing Lorraine not to trust anyone — C has only the following to say, in the most exasperated sounding tone imaginable:
      Oh, bollocks.
    • Then, after several clips of the two women going at it, we cut to the reactions of the people Lorraine's recounting her story to. The CIA Agent awkwardly glances to his right, while Gray just sighs.
      Gray: So you made contact with the French operative?
      Lorraine: Obviously.
  • While Lorraine bathes in her hotel room, David casually breaks into her room and goes through her stuff and bugs her coat. When she catches him, she says he "has balls" to do such a thing to her. He quips she should actually see his balls because then she'd be really impressed.
    • Also when she catches him, she breaks a bottle over his head, punches him in the ribs a few times, then throws him on her bed. Throughout all of that, he keeps his cigarette in his mouth, leading her to say she’s impressed.
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  • During one fight scene, Percival gets a knife stuck in his back. After several seconds spent trying (unsuccessfully) to get it out, he relaxes against a wall... only to groan in pain as he accidentally pushes the knife deeper.
  • This exchange:
    Percival: I think I love you.
    Lorraine: That's too bad.
  • During the hotel fight, Lorraine and the blonde henchmen get so exhausted beating the tar out of one another they can barely stand and just take limp swipes at each other that don't even come close. They Live! comes to mind...
  • At the start of the stairway fight, the mustached KGB agent refuses to die, despite Lorraine's attacks and the fact that he's been shot in the chest. He readies himself to attack Lorraine again...and falls backward finally dead.
  • After the stairway fight, Lorraine points her gun at East German cops, ordering them to keep their hands up, and steals a car of theirs. When Spyglass and her get in the car, Spyglass points out her German is awful... which becomes doubly funny for German viewers because his isn't that much better.
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  • The fact that one of the KGB agents is named Boris and looks vaguely like Zangief - in other words, some of the more notorious Soviet stereotypes.