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  • When Danpei wants to bring the slum kids to visit Joe at the juvenile prison he tells them to get changed. Then he has to tell them to get changed into something normal, as Sachi wearing her older sister's too large high-heeled shoes and hat and ridiculous make-up was the less ridiculous get-up.
  • At the juvie the guards don't want to let Danpei and the kids in, to visit Joe, so, seeing that the guards let Yoko and her theatre company in, they say they're actors-and the guards tell them to prove it:
  • Yoko's Trolling antics:
    • She's the one who let Danpei and the kids in... Because that day their play was based on The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and Danpei was perfect for Quasimodo.
    • She provides the outfits and gloves for Joe and Rikiishi's first match, all custom-made... For Rikiishi's size. Joe's face when he realizes Yoko just pranked him is priceless-especially because he's wearing it.
      • Yoko pays for this one, because as soon he realizes what happened he takes off everything but the gloves and throws it at her, hitting her in the face with the trunks.
  • During the tournament, the bets for the match between Joe and Aoyama have a few funny moments:
    • Everyone talk about the match and who's more likely to win, and they do that everywhere. During work, in the mess hall, in the bathroom... The latter completely ignoring the Potty Emergencies of those outside.
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    • After Rikiishi gives an enigmatic prediction that is interpreted as the announcement of Aoyama's victory, everyone bets on Aoyama. Everyone but one guy who's planning to hoard the meals and underwear bet by the others if Joe wins, at least until someone points out that if Joe loses he'll have to go without meals and underwear for his whole term.
  • When Rikiishi and Joe are having their final fight in juvie outside the tournaments, the adults are all worried... All except Danpei, who starts immediately acting as Joe's cornerman (at least until he realizes that Joe has rocks hidden in his gloves).
    • The very fact Joe thought and somehow managed to put rocks in his gloves while Rikiishi was watching him.
  • Anime only: Joe's farewell to Aoyama when the latter leaves juvenile prison, the jail's tv.
  • In the anime, the reaction of dorm 1's representative when Joe decides to take part in it after all. Also, he was apparently Rikiishi's sparring partner, and got hit by him quite often.
  • Anime only: when Rikiishi makes his return on the ring as a professional boxer, Joe and the others in juvie are watching the match in tv... Then they see Sachi and the slum kids taking over the mike to tell Joe to hurry up and become a pro too, because they want to see him beat Rikiishi.
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  • The day after coming back from juvie, Joe is awakened at 4.30 AM by the Tange Boxing Club shaking. An earthquake? No, Nishi jumping on a rope.
  • Joe's first day of work at the Hayashi's shop. The poor boy even gets groped by Hayashi, a boxing fan that wanted to check his conditions...
  • Anime only: when Danpei, Nishi and Joe first visit the Shiraki Boxing Club, Danpei, Nishi, Yoko and her grandfather notice that Joe has disappeared along the way to the latter's office. Turns out Joe's in the gym... And one of the minor boxers has picked up a fight with him, with Joe being completely innocent. You can practically hear Yoko's irritation when she stops them just in time.
    • When Rikiishi goes to Shiraki's office while Joe is there, everyone knows Rikiishi's about to piss Joe off and Joe to try and punch Rikiishi. Their faces when none of that happens are priceless... Just as Yoko's exasperated face when the two meet in the gym less than ten minutes later and the usual happens.
    • The visit became very tense... And then, right at the end, the boxer that had picked a fight with Joe earlier insults him again and gets punched out.
  • The Italian dub offers a few chuckles with the renaming of the minor characters at the beginners' tournament: the flyweight finalists are given names that, translated in English, are Plum the Sleepyhead, from the I Hit Hard Boxing Club and wearing plum-colored trunks, and "Microbo" Piccoli (Piccoli being a legitimate family name that translates as "littles") from the Seven Dwarves Boxing Club, while Rikiishi's opponent is renamed "Sweats-a-Lot" Bombard, from the gym "Blood, Sweat and Tears". As for Wolf Kanaguchi, he gets remaned "Lupo" Cane Secco, "Lupo" meaning "wolf" and Cane Secco sounding close to Kanaguchi and translating as dried dog ("secco" has many possible translations, but the first coming to mind is that one).
  • After the beginners' tournament:
    • The "what the hell is Joe doing this time?!" look Yoko and her grandfather exchange when they hear someone is bugging Wolf for autograph, as they know Joe is around-but not why.
      • The Mass "Oh, Crap!" involving them and Rikiishi when they realize he's picking a fight with Wolf.
    • When Yoko arrives to Wolf's locker room and sees that it is Joe, plus his attitude, she can be seen with a strained smile hinting at having trouble holding back the laughter. It has to be seen.
    • The way Joe trolls Wolf until he tries to punch him out, even calling him stingy when the pro refuses to sign the autograph due Joe tripping him earlier (and before deciding who to punch out).
    • Otaka's slowly growing horror when he realizes Joe and Wolf punching each other out is making it look like he's keeping Danpei from getting his licence because he's scared of Joe. Especially as he had no idea who Joe even was until the Shirakis and Rikiishi identified him-and he has no idea why Mikinosuke Shiraki explained things so the journalists would take that exact guess.
  • From the boxing licence test:
    • Joe's cockiness turning into horror when he learns the exam starts with a written test.
    • After calming down, Joe tells Nishi to let him cheat on the written test. Cue the examiner announcing that anyone caught at cheating would be barred from taking the exam, ever.
    • After the exam, Joe is calm... Then Nishi asks him what did he answer to various questions, and Joe proceeds to prove (and learn) he failed the exam. Hard:
    • After Joe fails the test, we get a cut to Rikiishi... Who states he was sure Joe would bomb the test due the written score. He also remarks he expects Joe to pass on the second try, as the written part is for first tries only.
    • After indeed passing on the second try because there was no written test, Joe was coming back to the Tange Boxing Club with Danpei and Nishi when he was told by the kids there were journalists and the slum's people waiting for him-but when he arrives there's only the locals, with a party ready. What happened to the journalists? The locals took apart their cars and stole their equipment and even the clothes, chased them away, and sold the loot to pay for the food and drinks needed for the party. It won't be the last time the journalists get in trouble with the slums' people.
  • Right before their first matches, Joe and Nishi get a telegram from their old juvenile prison. The test? Felicitations for their future. Danpei remarked they weren't getting married.
  • How Joe reacted to the public's entusiasm for his debut has to be seen.
  • Episode 33 of the anime has a few:
    • The enormous number and absolutely ridiculous disposition of the band-aids Nishi puts on Joe after his first match, making it looks like Joe is wearing Tribal Face Paint.
    • Noriko and her bouquet of violets:
      • After putting on her school uniform and getting the violets, Noriko is about to go in to give the flowers to Joe... And then gets interrupted by a mysterious bum that enters, looks into Joe's mouth, and leaves.
      • After recovering from the shock, Noriko goes in, produces the violets... And then arrives a delivery boy with an enormous bouquet of roses from Yoko (in the manga they're supposedly for his funeral, as she tells Rikiishi. Who isn't fooled at all).
      • Not intimidated in the slightest, Noriko gives Joe her flowers... And Joe compares the size of the bouquets, having no idea what he's doing. Noriko and Sachi promptly beat him up.
    • The following day the mystery bum builds a barrack near the Tange Boxing Club... And then pretty much imposes himself as the club's eccentric doctor.
    • Joe doing exactly the wrong thing with Noriko again and again and having no idea why everyone's angry.
      • When Joe asks her to wash his boxing trunks, Noriko tells him Joe to have Yoko do it. Joe finds the idea just as funny-and once again, laughing is exactly the wrong thing to do here.
    • In the end, Joe tells Noriko the right thing and reconciliate with her... And he still has no idea why.
    • While Joe and Noriko are reconciliating, the kids are forcing a wandering musician to provide a romantic soundtrack.
  • In episode 34, after Joe's first match of the episode the announcer starts proclaiming the main event of the day... Then has to beg the public to stay, as most of them were there just for Joe.
  • In episode 36, Yoko reads on the newspaper about Joe and Wolf being to fight soon, and asks her grandfather if he had heard about it... And he answer yes while looking out of the window using binoculars. No, he wasn't using them to read newspapers for free, but until it's shown he was looking at Rikiishi running for his diet that was the impression.
  • Episode 37:
    • In the lead-up to the match between Joe and Wolf, a group of journalists comments that Wolf is likely to win... Cue them being beat up by the neighbourhood kids.
    • After that, Taro decides they should go and spy Wolf's secret training, but they don't have the money for the train. The solution? They rob the journalists, and take a taxi instead. They also take a camera...
    • When the kids try to infiltrate the Asia Boxing Club, the OST is a cover of the Mission: Impossible theme! That stops when they have to pass from the trash chute.
    • A bit of Black Comedy: after the kids come in, they see a boxer being brought to the infirmary, holding his chin while crying in pain... Then the doctor shouts "Another?! It's the third just this morning!"
    • The kids finally reach the gym, look in through the keyhole... And all they see is Otaka's enormous butt.
  • After the third round of the Joe vs Wolf match, Otaka puts up the chair for Wolf and climbs up to help his boxer... And instead finds Joe in the chair, prompting a priceless look of surprise.
  • Anime only: the neighbourhood kids scaring Otaka more than an angry Joe.
  • Anime only: Sachi acting like a geisha.
  • Joe's reactions as everyone treat him like an invalid after the fight with Wolf.
  • During Joe's training for the match with Rikiishi, the journalists accidentally got the kids kicked out of the Tange Boxing Club. They then notice they can spy inside... And the kids immediately demand they pay them or they'll tell Danpei.
    • After paying off the kids, being called cheap and being threatened to not write anything that could damage Joe or they'll pay, the journalist resume spying... And the local adults demand money or they'll tell Danpei.
  • Late in the match between Joe and Rikiishi, Rikiishi drops his guard to invite attacks he could use the Cross Counter on. Cue Joe running for his life.
    • After the initial scare, Joe drops his guard too, turning the fight into a stare contest, with the referee repeatedly ordering them to fight-and then starting to beg.
  • From the second anime recaps of the first series: Wolf's Yakuza boss making a comment that the former boxer takes as saying the beers he had ordered were more important than the championship he couldn't win due to Joe-and preparing to beat the stuff out of him.
    • The Yakuza getting angry that the beers were late-even if he had ordered them while in a coffee house (hence why they late: the very scared waitress had to go and buy them at another establishment).
  • From the first anime: Yoko is at the airport to first meet Carlos Rivera, is wondering how the invincible boxer she had Harry Robert summon to Japan looks like... And then a smiling Carlos comes down from the plane, dressed incredibly gaudy and shouting to have a party. Yoko's face is priceless.
    • Yoko later brings him at Joe's fight with Nango to have some publicity, he's called on the ring to wish luck to the fighters... Then they see he's flirting with Nango's girlfriend (to piss him off and have him challenge the invincible boxer in public without realizing the mess he's getting himself into, but still...).
    • Carlos goes to wish luck to the boxers, and is reminded he's to start from the highest-ranked one... So, of course, he starts with Joe, pissing off Nango even more. And it was not on purpose: they simply forgot to tell him who was Nango, so he took a good look, recognized Joe as the strongest one, and, assuming he was the highest-ranked one, greeted him first, only for Danpei to explain the mix-up once he realized what had just happened. He then said out loud it was the first time he got the rankings wrong, further pissing off Nango (and this time, it was on purpose).
  • Episode 70 of the anime has a few:
    • During Joe's time as a circus boxer, one of his opponents, scared of him, tries to run from the ring, but one of the public punches him back in... And knocks him out. The very confused referee doesn't know who to declare winner, Joe or the guy from the public...
    • When Carlos and Robert go to the slums to see where Joe lived, the neighbourhood friends spot them immediately... And decide to see if they can make some money out of it. Cue Kinoko offering to sell them Coca Cola, cocaine, and time with a prostitute in a mangled English.
      • Carlos and Robert are too shocked from the sudden situation to answer, so Kinoko goes back to his friends telling them the two foreigners obviously don't understand English. Cue Robert announcing he speaks Japanese, and Sachi hitting Kinoko with her sandal for the scene.
      • Taro trying to extort Carlos and Robert-and the two, knowing exactly what kind of individual they're dealing with, giving him more money he expected to get just to see his face (and arrive to Danpei faster).
  • Taro and the others faking that one of them had been ran over by a car to extort the driver with the threat of calling the police... Except the guy is so honest he wants the police to be there.
    • Nishi catches them in the act and, after sending away the would-be victim, scolds them and asks what Joe would think. Taro replies they learned it from him.
  • After Joe decides to leave the traveling boxing circus, the public protests-then their best boxer Inaba grabs a chair and threatens everyone into cheering for him.
    • Up to Eleven in the anime, where Inaba and the others beat up the public before forcing to cheer for him.
  • For his sparring match with Carlos, Joe is given 16oz gloves and immediately starts shouting and demanding 10oz gloves. Then he shuts up and apologizes-because Yoko gives him a look. Not a Death Glare, not an annoyed look, she just looked him in the eye-and Joe suddenly apologized.
  • In the second anime, a scene at the Shiraki Boxing Club has Carlos' theme start playing as soon as arrives in the training area... Then a boxer suddenly stops hitting the bag and we're shown the speaker playing it to announce Carlos' arrival. He then has Robert put it back on when Joe shows up for their sparring match.
  • Carlos face when he's declared the winner of the fight with Harajima due his opponent forfeiting, using a nervous laugh to hide the Evil Laugh from knowing Harajima was actually knocked out and his manager was hiding it.
  • When the people of the slums realize that the guy who just gave them lots of gifts is Carlos, Joe's next opponent, they decide to give them back. They consider taking them again when Joe explains they're good friends outside of the ring, but don't act... Then Danpei says he's going to take them all. Cue the horde charging at the presents.
  • Danpei's incredibly tacky clothes at the TV party, and his attempt at talking to Jose Mendoza using boxing terms.
  • While it mostly brings back the memory of Rikiishi's own, Joe's diet offers a couple moments:
    • Joe goes in the attic of the old Tange Boxing Club and takes up the ladder... Because he fears Danpei will try and feed him in his sleep.
    • Danpei doesn't go for that, even after procuring a new ladder. No, he starts cooking right under the attic's open trapdoor, and continues for days.
  • In the anime, during their stay at the Hawaii Joe convinces Yoko to let him drive and takes her on a wild drive that really impresses her... Then he quips he should get a driving licence one of these days. Her face is priceless.
  • After coming back from Hawaii Joe gives gifts to the people of the slums... While they're still in the airport lounge. And there's about a hundred people from the slums. You can imagine what happens next.
  • The anime has a fight between Mendoza and the anime-only WBA champion Karold Gomez to unify the bantamweight championships, plus one between Joe and the #1 contender Leon Smiley to decide the first Mandatory Challenger. They meet at the Korakuen... And, much to both trainers' dismay, it turns out they have dangerously similar personalities. The fact Joe expects Jose to win and Smiley expects Gomez' victory doesn't help.
  • What is the counter for Harimao's somersault punch? Superman's signature flying punch.
  • At the party for Nishi and Noriko's wedding, Noriko's father asks Joe to make a speech. He immediately starts from where he first met Nishi, in jail.
    • The fact that, somehow, Noriko's father had missed all this time the fact Nishi is an ex-convict.
  • One from the live action movie: at the exhibition match in juvie, after Danpei got the referee to agree to let the match go on until a knock-out Joe states it's because he'll knock Rikiishi down that many times, Danpei replies it will be Joe to get knocked down, Joe doesn't listen and cockily walks off-screen to fight Rikiishi... And, a punch noise later, flies back on-screen and gets knocked down.

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