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  • A couple during the ProJared route:
    • During a late-night trek to get her maths book, Hana (the PC) overhears a murder plot coming from a classroom. Bravely, she bursts in to stop it... and finds Jared, Caddicarus, Luke, Ian and Jeff in the middle of a D&D game. In full costume.
      • Luke's costume? Nyan Cat!
    • Later, ProJared has a run-in with his ultimate nemesis: BEES!
  • During the Hidden Route (although Mai had hinted at it before), Hana asks Ian to the Flower Festival, with sweet, romantic music playing in the background. Cue Record Scratch:
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  • In the first chapter, Jared shows Hana his modeling pictures.
  • When planning to go with PeanutButterGamer to a hot spring, a sudden loud, droning noise booms across the campus. Jon notes a large dust cloud in the distance, as no one can figure out what's happening. Then suddenly, with a bang, It's Jared!
    Jared: Did somebody say... fanservice?
  • The entire Joshualina scene in Chapter 1.
  • If you snoop around enough in Mai's backpack during Satch's route, you find out that she's been writing fanfic of Jon and Shane, using the books on seduction she took as research.
  • Jared calling Satch his husband after Satch brings bagels for everyone during the Stomping Sisters tournament. Even Satch is surprised and confused.
  • In a moment of dark humor, the way Jared's theme song (Velour Chills) comes on shortly after Shane stops choking on the IBK is so random and out-of-the-blue, it nearly kills the serious moment of Shane almost choking to death.
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  • Hana getting and bothered when she was literally cornered by Jared at night during Satch's route. It's even more hilarious when you realize that Jared making Hana feel "indecent" was completely unintentional on his part.
  • If you try to reject the macaron in Jared's route, he has this response:
    Jared: Why on Earth are you on this route if you don't want my d... uh, the macaron?