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  • Fiona casually throwing Heart off of the floating island after defeating her in 1.
    Fiona: *drag, drag, drag* "Please come again some other day, we do love visitors!" *throw*
  • Akane in complete tears watching Nazuna move in with Kamui in Nazuna's ending in 3.
  • Fighting Lieselotte in Maori's story mode in 3. Lieselotte accuses Maori of hiding two celestial stones on her person (this is before you've acquired any). After winning, Maori tells Lieselotte to stop pointing at her chest like that.
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  • In the story modes for 3, if you fight Elsa after beating Clarice, she says that she is only getting vengeance on her because, if she doesn't, Clarice will cry herself to death. Elsa just goes with it.
  • In Kamui's story in 3, after listening to Scharlachrot's Motive Rant, her response is "Well... okay, then...".
  • How the boss fight with Minori is set up in LOVE MAX SIX STARS!!!!!! The cutscene with the Ragnarok starts up, but before the part where the Ragnarok begins to charge its main weapon to destroy Japan, it's smashed by Minori. She then assumes the player character is an assassin from the Drexler Institute and attacks them.
  • Kira's story mode in the original game. Mildred boasts that she has professor Mei Ling working for, which gets Kira the idea that she can defeat Mildred and Mei Ling will assist her in her world domination plans in gratitude. Ironically after the boss fight with Mildred, Kira herself needs Mei Fang to rescue her. In Kira's ending she boasts about how she will conquer Japan before moving onto the rest of the planet, hamming up the scenery in a way that makes Mildred look tame. She ends her speech by stating Mei Ling and Mei Fang will have the "honor" of assisting her. Mei Ling instead orders to stop Kira. Kira is easily knocked by Mei Fang and sent home, her plans being put on hold because the professor told Kira's grandparents she tried to take of the world and they grounded her. Kira boasts that as soon she is no longer grounded, she will resume her goal of world conquest.
  • Konoha's story mode in the first game. When she meets Fiona, she tries to bribe her with the steamed bun Mei Fang had previously hand her. Fiona nearly takes it before stopping herself and reminds herself she can't eat on the job. After the fight, Fiona cries telling Konoha to stop, and Konoha tries to cheer her up by pointing she did give her the steamed bun. Fiona takes a bite, and complains it's tasty but salty thanks to her tears.
    • When facing Mildred, Konoha is happy that Mildred knows who she is. Mildred assumes that since Konoha is the right hand to the Millennium Guardian that she is aware of her plans to merge the human world with the Elemental World. Konoha, doesn't even know about the two worlds. She can't even make sense of Mildred's plan. Realizing who she is talking to, Mildred simply explains she wants Konoha to leave and not meddle in her plans.

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