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Funny / Arashi no Yoru ni

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  • The entirety of Mei and Gabu's first meeting is a mixture of this and Heartwarming; a goat and a wolf hiding together and developing a friendship through conversation, not realizing who they're actually speaking to.
  • The whole scene when Mei and Gabu show themselves to each other. They just stare at each and look completely shocked when they realize who they spent the previous night bonding with. Too bad the remake cut the scene down.
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  • Gabu struggling to contain his hunger during their second meeting. At one point, all he can do is twitch and shake uncontrollably while watching Mei. Fortunately he manages to snap out of it.
  • Gabu's laugh.
  • Gabu nibbling Mei's ear.
  • When the wolves are searching for Gabu and Mei, the small, Cloudcuckoolander wolf suddenly exclaims: "Look! Look at that! There's some really pretty flowers here!!"

  • In the CGI series, episode 22. Because of an early conversation with May, Gabu had a weird dream where wolves were dancing. Then, Giro shows to Gabu his dance's partner... Who turns out to be May. While understandably shocked, Gabu asks her how is it possible, and the young goat casually answers by telling him she told about their friendship to Giro, who accepted to invites her. Gabu who is then confused look, to Giro who gave him an extremely amicable and funny wink, which is a big out of character from him. Then, Gabu finally wakes up, and hit a rock by accident. Yeah, a scene where Giro encourages friendship between goats and wolves must be a dream.

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