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  • In chapter 19 Pinkie Pie sends a number of baked goods with her letter. The scientists' reactions were priceless.
    • Not to mention the contents of said letter.
  • In chapter 25, Twilight draws a sketch of magically turning a Cyberdisk into a pancake. A literal pancake.
  • These reader comments from chapter 26:
    Xuncu: *some time later, a number of XCOM soldiers meet in the "Rowling" Barracks/Lab*
    *milling about and chatting, wondering why they're sitting in school-style desks, and have supplies of notepads, pens, and safety padding*
    *they all stop and stare as a tiny purple unicorn waltzes in, steps up to the podium, and begins to speak*
    "Good afternoon, my name is Twilight Sparkle. You are all here because you've tested positive to Field responsiveness, and volunteered for this additional triaining. I will be teaching you (eeee, my first class!) in the study of magic, so that you may be better perpared to protect your world and your loved ones."
    *dead silence..... a minute*
    *hand raise*
    "Yes, you in the back."
    "Are we wizards now?"
    "I am OK with this."
    Arad: And naturally, Twilight recieves tips on proper teaching environments in the military setting from Bradford:
    Twilight: *27 minutes of unbroken profanity insulting the new recruits character, parentage, personal hygene and personal worth*
    Matt: "Twily...where did you learn all that?"
    *Twilight produces a notebook with the sharpie title 'How to be a Drill Sergeant (by David Bradford)'*
    Twilight: "David gave me this handy guide! It was so nice of him... but I don't know what half these words mean..." *opens the book and raises an eyebrow*
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  • Bradford showing off his Combat Clairvoyance abilities to the research team in Chapter 28, anticipating everything they're about to say.
  • PPS: Wait a minute... a spherical device, thrown at monsters of dangerous and otherworldly power to capture them, that works best on weakened targets... the Arc Grenade is a Poké Ball!
  • These reader comments from chapter 33:
    BadWolf9510: Live captures: we lost count
    Weapons recovered: holy shit it's Christmas
    Commander672: And on that note, I can't wait until the next council meeting.
    >>5 has called for a vote: What the fuck?
    >>Yes votes: 17 total, No votes: 0 total, 0 Abstain
    >>Proposal Accepted
    viperhshark0: Give all the lawn gnomes to charity, forget about it, blame the aliens for stealing them, and then summon Old Man Henderson.
    (Who knows what goes on in my mind, I don't.)
    Sketch Scribbles: Pfft. Imposible's not hard enough. The author modded in an entirely new difficulty just for this.
    Spectrumancer: Twilight has earned a promotion!
    New rank: "Oh no it's coming this way!"
    Twilight "Overkill" Sparkle
    "Oh god run"
    "Ouch my everything"
    "It's just a little unicorn, what couI AM ON FIRE!"
    <Blushing Twilight smiley>
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  • This part of the Council's discussion in chapter 34:
    "If you go to the indicated timestamp in Lieutenant Harris's armor camera, there's the charging Equestrians and a door flying at the camera. The next? Bananas and green laser beams everywhere.”
    2: “Never in my life did I think I'd hear that phrase in this meeting.”

Mente Materia

  • Shining Armor's throat-clear in chapter 9 when Lana wonders if Twilight has a shrine for Matt.
  • 'Others, on the other hand, are held to be so uniformly polite that they’ve become a sort of legend among humans (NOTE: see file CANADA).'
  • Among the topics suspiciously omitted by mankind that were mentioned in chapter 14 are "tumbler" and "feminism".
  • Twilight's outburst, in the middle of a crowded room, upon reading about the legal concept of "informed consent" the day after giving Matt kiss on the cheek while he was asleep:
    Twilight: "I THINK I'M A SEX OFFENDER!"
    *Twilight screams and runs away*

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