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  • Cecilia has not only successfully trapped Aquamarine in the water tower, she's gathered all the local news reporters and it looks like Claire and Hailey can't do anything to stop them. Suddenly a man comes out of the water tower to reveal... an inflatable dolphin.
    • That and watching poor Cecilia hand over her car keys.
  • Aquamarine, distracted from appreciating the gravity of her predicament, thanks to Ben and Jerry ice cream.
    Aquamarine: (happily eating her ice cream) Who needs Raymond? I found two new men to love... Their names are Ben and Jerry.
  • Aquamarine's rushing off to find her True Love, without taking the time to get dressed properly.
    Aquamarine: Let's go find Raymond! (giggles as she runs off on her own)
    Hailey: Wait! You need shoes!
    Claire: And undies!
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  • Hailey's "confession" when she believes their about to die a slasher movie death.
    Hailey: I just want you to know, if Leonard comes in here and chops us up into a million pieces, that you are totally, completely, and eternally my best friend.
    Claire: You're my best friend, too.
    Hailey: And I broke your ipod.
  • Aquamarine, on the subject of the existence of mermaids.
    Aquamarine: We are not fictional! ...We're just discreet.
  • When Aquamarine cheerfully shouts at the people in the mall in greeting. And everyone stares at her in return.
    Aquamarine: HELLO!
    Claire: (gives Aquamarine a Death Glare)
    Aquamarine: Why go through life unnoticed?
  • When Claire and Haley try to phone Raymond for Aquamarine. They give Aqua the phone just as Ray answers...and Aqua promptly shrieks and tosses the phone out the window!
    Aquamarine: That was fantastic! Let's do it again!
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  • At the carnival, Ray buys Aqua a piece of cotton candy. Aqua, having no idea what cotton candy is, rubs it against her face, marveling at how soft it feels.
    Claire: I just love eating cotton candy! I mean I love eating it. Right, Hail?
    Hailey: Right.
    (Aquamarine turns to the two)
    Claire: It's so much fun to eat it.
    (Aquamarine takes a bite, and loves the sugary taste)
    Aquamarine: It just vanished!

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