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Funny / Apocalypse no Toride

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  • When the group realizes that Maeda might be turning into a Bokor, they try to see how far gone the infection is by seeing if his genitals have fallen off. Maeda insists that he'll check himself, but his friends don't trust him and promptly begin to hold him down and tear off his pants. This is the result. Also, everyone's reactions to seeing his package.
    • And after seeing it their reaction was asking if it was always that big and Maeda is packing a desert eagle. Seems like Maeda is a real monster down there.
  • When Maeda and Iwakura realized they've been tricked by the Nimble things into the shed, it pans to an exterior shot of a horde of them just sitting outside of it, along with each of them with the most shit-eating grin on their faces.

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