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  • In 3, as the crew begin making re-entries on Earth A in order to neutralize Martian Successors forces that have hijacked the SDF-1 and Sharon Apple, the rivalry between Isamu and Guld gets played for laughs (made possible due to Myung's absense from the integrated storyline) as the two proceed to give the Martian Sucessors what's coming to them. Their Earth A collegues conclude that this rivalry made them stronger whereas characters from Earth B are either annoyed that they are arguing in the heat of a battle or surprised that they actually managed to function as a team.
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  • This scene with Bonta-Kun from R: Bonta-Kun clears a path for the team; Klan, Zero, Kallen, and Ryusei are surprised at it appearing, as well as trying to figure out what the hell it is; Silvia, Tsugumi, and Autumn just fall in love with it, with Sylvia saying she wants to "fumo fumo" with it.
  • R, being on the PlayStation 3, introduces a set of trophies that's "do this X number of times with Y character". What is Original Generation's trophy, you ask? Traveling four thousand kilometers with the Cybuster, named "Isolated Lost Child". As expected, you have to get pretty lost while playing as the Cybuster to get this just by playing the Original Generation route.
  • Alto Saotome being the victim of Viewer Gender Confusion in Macross Frontier? Running Gag. Alto getting the same treatment from The Comically Serious Sosuke Sagara? CMoF.
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  • Ryusei Date geeking out upon first seeing Aquarion and the Macross Quarter in action.


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