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Funny / Ano Ko Ni Kiss To Shirayuri Wo

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  • The "Little Theater" bits at the end of the chapters are often pretty hilarious, often relying on the Boke and Tsukkomi Routine and snappy punchlines. Quite remarkable considering they usually feature background characters we know pretty much nothing about.
  • In chapter 4, when Mizuki accidentally drops Moe's bag and discovers all the photos of herself in it, Moe's answer is that she has a "collecting mania". She then flat out refuses to tell Mizuki where she took those photos from.
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  • Every time Yurine manages to fool Ayaka into doing what she wants (when it doesn't take more… suggestive directions at least), especially in the first two extra chapters. In SUMIRE STRIKES she subtly convinces Ayaka to sleep over at her place, then when she does in YURINE MIDNIGHT, she demands a good-night kiss, since "everyone does it in the Kurosawa family".
  • About half of what comes from Izumi's mouth, if only for her Large Ham factor. It gets even funnier when she and Ai, who are rather close in character, start to get along, with Chiharu trying to keep them in line.
  • After Ayaka's tsun button had seemingly stopped responding for most of chapter 15, Yukina accidentally reactivated it by telling her that by joining the gardening club (of which Yurine is now president) she would be vice-president. Number 2. Ayaka… doesn't take it very well.
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  • The "No Moe for you" scene in chapter 16, and Moe's reasoning (abstaining from your favorite food), all with her usual deadpan expression.
  • In chapter 21, Sawa insists on "playing it smoothly" while asking Ayaka if the rumors of her eloping with Kurosawa are true. At the end of the chapter, she just throws the question in right off the bat.
  • "Let's say that I don't really like her but I feel like I have to give her a flower and that I kinda sorta want to thank her but it burns my tongue to say it..."
  • In chapter 31, for once Ayaka gives Yurine a kiss rather than the other way round... and she still looks pissed afterwards.
  • In chapter 46, after Ayaka fails to find the answer to her complex feelings for Yurine in psychology books, she decides to ask advice to Mizuki. The latter tells her that she doesn't need to put a precise label on her feelings and can just consider Yurine "precious" to her. Cue Ayaka confusingly running the dictionary definitions of "precious" in her head with a hilarious expression, which leads Mizuki to think this might not be the right approach for her.
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  • In chapter 49, even after their Relationship Upgrade, Ayaka still loses to Yurine and acts like a Sore Loser over it.

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