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  • The entire sequence where Alvy and Annie are standing on line waiting to get into a movie while a man says things to his date that drive Alvy nuts. Especially:
    Man: I admire the technique, but it doesn't- it doesn't hit me on a gut level.
    Alvy: (under his breath) I'd like to hit this guy on a gut level.
    • And also:
      Alvy: What I wouldn't give for a large sock with horse manure in it.
  • The scene in which Alvy sneezes when he tries the cocaine, sending tens of thousands of dollars' worth of drugs everywhere. The scene was added late because audiences were confused as to why Alvy and Annie were suddenly in Los Angeles; the sneeze itself was a Throw It In. Leave it to Woody to make an interstitial scene into a classic comedy moment.note 
  • Marshall McLuhan in one of the greatest One-Scene Wonder Breaking the Fourth Wall moments in film history. "You know nothing of my work!"
    Alvy: Boy, if only life were like this.
  • A terrified Alvy staring at Annie's brother while he's driving, after he had shared a fantasy of deliberately crashing into another car.
    • Alvy's line after Duane shares his fantasy: "Right, well I have to go now, Duane, because I'm due back on the planet Earth."
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    • And of course, Duane is played by a then unknown Christopher Walken, with his subsequent reputation perfectly fitting the whole thing.
  • The scene in which the Singer and Hall families converse not only across a split screen, but across decades.
    Mrs. Hall: How do you plan to spend the holidays, Mrs. Singer?
    Mrs. Singer: We fast.
    Mr. Hall: Fast?
    Mr. Singer: No food. You know, to atone for our sins.
    Mrs. Hall: What sins? I don't understand.
    Mr. Singer: To tell you the truth, neither do we.
  • The animated scene in which Alvy imagines Annie as the Evil Queen from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.
    Alvy: You're just upset. You must be getting your period.
    Evil Queen!Annie: I don't get a period. I'm a cartoon character.
  • Alvy describing his grade-school classmates:
    Alvy narrating: And-and Ivan Ackerman, always the wrong answer. Always.
    Ivan: Seven and three is nine.
    Young Alvy: [Face Palm]
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  • The "Where Are They Now?" of Alvy's classmates, concluding with:
    Little Boy: I used to be a heroin addict, now I'm a methadone addict.
    Little Girl: (long pause, then...) I'm into leather.
  • "I forgot my mantra."
  • Annie ordering a pastrami sandwich on white bread with lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise. Alvy's Sure, Let's Go with That grimace sells the moment.
  • Alvy's parents arguing over whether or not a housekeeper has stole from them and if it's alright since she is black.