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Season 1

Episode 1 - Your Will Shall Decide Your Destiny
  • Marilla teaching Anne to say her nightly prayers. Anne truly wants to learn how in order to please Marilla, but also can't help but express how she would do it.
  • Anne's second morning at the Cuthbert's, Marilla discovers Anne is not in her bed. She immediately jumps to the conclusion Anne has stolen something and checks the silverware. In reality, Anne has been awake well before dawn performing farm work, and was at that moment collecting eggs.
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  • Anne's apology to Rachel Lynde. Anne is purposefully overdramatic, which adds to her charm. Anne also inserts some direct insults and sarcasm again. In the end, even Marilla appears amused.
  • Anne's way of thanking Marilla for making the dress is declaring it isn't as tight fitting as her other one. Marilla considers this an acceptable commendation.
  • When Anne asks if the two of them could swear to be friends forever. Diana misinterprets what Anne means by "swear".
  • Anne telling Marilla about her and Diana's time together. Anne blows a dandelion in the house, before Marilla can finish telling her not to.
    Anne: And then we sent our oath into the world. (brings dandelion to her mouth)
    Marilla: Not in the—
    Anne: (blows)

Episode 4 - An Inward Treasure is Born

  • Marilla, Matthew, and Jerry watching Anne singing and balancing on top of the chicken coup.
    Marilla: If she doesn't go back to school soon, you'll have to send us both to the looney bin.
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  • As Marilla leaves to visit Rachel, she reminds Anne about the pie in the oven, and gives Anne instructions to make sure it doesn't burn. Anne, however, is playing with a ladybug, and barely listening.
    Marilla: ''And you'll need to test the pie's doneness with a small knife.
    Anne: I will.
    Marilla: ''Watch the clock carefully, Anne. So as not to burn it.
    Anne: I will.
    Marilla: I don't want to return from Rachel's to find Green Gables a smouldering ruin.
    Anne: I will.
    Marilla: (annoyed) What?
    Anne: '' I mean I won't…I mean IT won't.
  • When Anne and Jerry are talking in the barn, Anne is saying all sorts of Negative things about herself. Instead of insisting otherwise, Jerry outright agrees with her.
    Anne: I don't see how I'm going to make a good wife, quite frankly.
    Jerry: Probably not
    Anne: I have such a bad temper
    Jerry: True
    Anne: And I'm dreadfully wicked, and impatient, and skinny, and homely. Don't say anything, Jerry!
    Jerry: (bits lower lip and continues working)
    • Anne presses Jerry to reveal what he wants to do, saying he could be a cartographer, aviator, or lead a safari. Jerry says he doesn't know what she means, and when Anne pushes Jerry to use his imagination, Jerry corrects her saying he doesn't know the words she is referring to (Jerry is French-Canadian).
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  • Anne's confrontation with Billy is both funny and Awesome.
  • Ruby's infatuation with Gilbert, contrasted by Anne's disdain of him.

Episode 5 - Tightly Knotted to a Similar String

  • Anne experiencing her first menstrual cycle. She frantically works to clean her bed sheets when Marilla finds her. Anne believes she is gravely ill, and goes into a melodramatic lament. Marilla has to assure the hysterical Anne she is not dying, and that this is a completely normal occurrence for women.
    • When Matthew rushes in, still half-asleep, but worried, is shooed away by Marilla. Upon seeing the bloody wash basin, he quickly takes his leave to the barn. Marilla's comments on this later are also in this category.
    Marilla: But poor Matthew had fled the house well before then.
    Rachel: You may not see him for a week.
    Marilla: ''If you see a suspicious character foraging in your garden, please feed him some supper.
  • While Marilla and Rachel are preparing various jams and pickled foods, Marilla recollects that morning's drama, likening Anne's lamenting to Shakespeare. Also, Marilla jokes about why Rachel has 10 children.
    Rachel: ''I don't miss it. I'll say it out loud, I'd rather be pregnant than menstruating.
    Marilla: …That explains all the children.
    Both: (laughter)
  • The girls at school discussing when they first began menstruating. Ruby begins to cry, admitting she hasn't started and that she isn't a woman. Anne quickly offers to give hers to Ruby.
    Ruby: (sobbing) I'm not a woman. Why don't I have it?
    Anne: ''Trust me If I could give you mine, I would. This is so inconvenient!
  • The girls confusion as they watch the boys senselessly striking the trees.
  • Anne's moodiness when she comes home from school. The look on Marilla's face portrays a "here we go" feeling.
  • Matthew's initial attempt to inquire about a puff-sleeved dress for Anne. His shyness gets the better of him and he leaves the shop in a haste. Outside, he is greeted by the owners of the shoe shop next door and taken inside. Later, he exits with several pairs of shoes, either having been convinced to buy them, or too shy to decline.
    • Later that night, when confronted by Marilla regarding the shoes.
  • Anne mistaking red wine for cherry cordial, which she and Diana consume until gone, and drunkenly sing, dance, and play dress-up with Marilla's clothes.
  • Anne requesting if they can arrive at church late, so everyone can see her wearing the dress Matthew bought her.

Episode 6 - Remorse Is the Poison of Life

  • Marilla returning home to find Matthew asleep in a chair next to the fire.
  • When Anne asks Marilla what the premier looked like, Marilla remarks he didn't become premier on the account of his looks.
  • After Marilla tells Anne Mrs. Barry is allowing her and Diana to be friends again, Anne rushes out the door into the snow. Marilla calls for Anne to take a coat, so she quickly ducks back inside to grab it and her hat.
  • Throughout the second half of the episode, Anne attempts to convince herself and those around her she is uninterested in romance.
    • This is evident Anne is speaking to herself in the clubhouse, attempting to stop thinking about Gilbert. When interrupted by Josephine, Anne attempts to assure her the issue has nothing to do with love. Josephine's grin suggests she is unconvinced.
    • When Diana, Ruby and Anne deliver the Shepherd's Pie to Gilbert, the former two compliment how good a cook Anne is. In response, Anne quickly states she'd be a terrible wife. Mortified, Anne flees, leaving the others confused.
  • While Anne, Diana and Ruby make Gilbert a shepherd's pie, Anne begins to cry at the thought of losing a close friend, as Diana's aunt has. While this can be counted as a Tearjerker, it is made humorous when Diana's sister, Minnie May, says Anne is crying into the potatoes.

Season 2

Episode 5 - The Determining Acts of Her Life
  • While wondering aloud about kissing, Anne quotes romantic phrases from Tennyson, then ruins the mood by saying, "Kissing reminds me more of a mother bird feeding its baby," in a disgusted tone.
    • When she asks Marilla and Matthew if they have ever kissed anyone, Matthew stutters, "I...I should, uh, barn.
  • Anne, frustrated with her hair yet again, thinks to herself how nice it would be for hair to change like trees, having blossoms and bright leaves throughout Spring, Summer and Autumn. Then she looks up at the bare Winter trees.
    Anne: [Wide-eyed with horror] Never mind.

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