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     Season 1 
  • In the first episode when Buffy and Cyrus are trying to find out Andi's secret. The bell rings, Andi says something about first period and Cyrus exclaims EXACTLY!
  • Upon meeting them in the second episode, Jonah Beck calls Cyrus and Buffy "disc heads." Buffy thinks he called them something else.
    Buffy: What did you just call us?
    Andi: Disc... heads.

     Season 2 
  • Cyrus coming out is treated rightfully seriously. But the show stills get a quick laugh to balance it out.
    Cyrus: This is really bad timing. I just got a girlfriend.
  • When Andi invites Jonah to Chinese New Year, the conversation between her and Bex after he leaves to get ready.
    Bex: Cece doesn't like surprises. Or boys. And especially surprise boys... (brightly)There will be turnip cakes!
  • Also in "Chinese New Year" when Jonah shows up in a white shirt.
    Cece: You're wearing white, the color of death. But please, come in.
  • When Cyrus is cheering for Buffy in her basketball game, he holds up a sign that says "Buffy Dribbles In Her Sleep". Andi understandably tells him not to use that one.
  • In "Perfect Day 2.0"
    Andi: How did you know to come get us?
    Bex: Something sounded off about your call. Also, I thought I heard Cyrus...crying in the background?
    Cyrus: Cyrus saves the day. Not something you get to say very often.
  • In "Buffy in a Bottle", TJ doesn't realize Cyrus' "physical issue" that happens to be "private" is his inability to do a somersault.
    Cyrus: I'm sorry, it's... private. I'm having a... physical issue.
    TJ: Oh...
    Cyrus: Wait! No! Stop imagining horrible things!

     Season 3 
  • In "Howling at the Moon Festival" when Jonah accidentally ruins the Macks' wall and he, Cyrus, and Buffy try to fix it:
    Jonah: I'm just a boy... standing in front of a wall... trying to cover it with toothpaste.
  • The whole sequence of Jonah describing what happened between him and TJ when they were in little league together in "I Got Your Number".
    Jonah: And I was angwee! I mean, angry.
  • "One in a Minyan" has a few.
    Cyrus: Y'know the story behind every major Jewish holiday? They tried to kill us, we survived, let's eat.
  • In "Mount Rushmore or Less", on Costume Day
    Marty: [Pointing at Cyrus] Oh, I get it! Salt!

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