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Despite being darker than its predecessor, this fanfic still has its moments of levity.

Spoilers Off applies to all Funny pages, so all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

  • A number of scenes between Erin and Near are amusing due to Near being a Troll and The Gadfly, and Erin's tendency to Open Mouth, Insert Foot.
    • Erin inquires Near's age when they first meet:
    "What are you doing here? J-just how old are you? Eight? Ten? Twelve?"
    He still didn't look up at her but he held up seven fingers, his sleeves sliding a bit down his arms as he did so. "If you absolutely must know, I'm seven."
    If Erin didn't know better, she would've said that he had paused on purpose just to see if she would have an aneurysm over this news, which she must admit she got pretty damn close. Until he put up all ten fingers and added blankly:
    "Teen. I'm seventeen. Or I'll officially be by the end of the month."
    • Near sticking his tongue out at Erin, his mouth full of food when she brings him a Happy Meal.
    • Erin giving Near a noogie, to which he responds: "She touched me inappropriately."
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  • Roger's reaction when Erin accuses him and Wammy of being Paedos. Although it's much less funny once Roger's past is revealed.
  • Umbra and Sidoh's interactions throughout the fic are often hilarious as well: from both (though mostly Umbra) nudging Kiyomi often to get them more cake and chocolate, to Umbra pretending to be stupid to Kiyomi in general.
  • Kiyomi killing Demegawa Crosses the Line Twice due to the way she orchestrates it in the Death Note:
    Hitoshi Demegawa, sepsis from a ruptured appendix. On September 4th at 1:30am he goes to a playground drunk and bets he can fit into an infant's swing for 9800 yen. He strips naked and manages to squeeze into the swing but cannot get back out. Twenty minutes later his appendix ruptures with pressure to his abdomen and he dies from septic shock.
    • The best part? Matsuda and Mogi discover his dead body in the wee hours of the morning crammed in the swing, naked and soiled by his own excrement.
  • Kiyomi's own death at Misa's hands counts as some Black Comedy. She jumps off her balcony when Mogi and Aizawa come to investigate her, lands in the parking lot, and then her head gets smashed under a moving car.
  • After Umbra joins Team Near, he starts trolling Stephen virtually every chance it gets...from saying he smells when they first meet at the airport (leading Stephen to check himself to be sure); to throwing all his clothes out of his hotel room and into the rain; to ambushing him in the showers, insulting his manhood and finally flushing the toilet on his way out.
  • Erin's speech in Chapter 15 would otherwise be a Moment of Awesome if it weren't for Erin ruining it towards the end with this gem:
    "To all you Kira supporters out there, I have to say if you think you're that much better than the rest of us just because you've never had brushes with the law, th-the whole idea that we're only good because we're scared of getting punished for it or we're hoping to get rewarded for the most basic acts of decency makes us all sound like one big economy-sized package of butt-wipes!"
    • In-Universe, it triggers some snickers from the TV crew.
  • Erin's Freudian Excuse for being shy and insecure around men. Her Sacred First Kiss happened in the 2nd grade, with a boy she had a crush on and who she came on to first one day during recess. To say the gesture startled him would be an understatement, and it made her a laughingstock at school for the rest of the year.

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