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  • Crowing moment of funny happens when Queen Nakia makes Yuri dress up at a form event. Everyone gasps in disbelief that such a tomboy could be a beauty except for the usually unflappable Ilbani who looks like a deer in the head lights and drops his cup.
    • There's also a shot of the three maids (who got Yuri all dolled up) looking pleased. One of them even gives the peace sign!
  • When Prince Zannanza is first introduced, he asks to see Ishtar (which he assumes is a Hittite style of a beautiful woman.) When he is introduced to Yuri he assumes that Kail has shacked up with a boy.
  • The look on Ilbani, Zannanza, and Kikkuri find out in chapter 18 that Kail hasn't actually had sex with Yuri yet, they go through a 'what the?' moment before immediately assuming he's sick and race off to find a doctor as Kail protests that he is perfectly well.
  • Yuri asks Kash if having a son is so important after one of Kail's old lovers, Lady Guzel, claims her child is his. He goes on about how men want to leave behind as many children as possible and Kail must be delighted. Kash's girlfriend Ursula, who has made it her goal to make Yuri Kail's wife, smashes a vase over his head and claims there was a bug.
    • Even funnier, following the incident, one of the group members quietly comments on how they thought it was too cold for bugs to be out.
  • Any time Hadi, the twins, or Yuri do an anachronistic peace sign while grinning. Juda even does it with Yuri, when they keep poisoned wine from reaching Juda's brother.
  • Hadi completely terrifies Kikkuri when she learns through Yuri that he's hooked up with both of the twins. Made even more hilarious by how the twins are all "well yes, we have the same taste in men, and isn't Kikkuri dreamy ~ ", totally oblivious to their sister's reaction to the news
  • When he is first introduced, Ramses was expecting Ishtar to be the most beautiful and voluptuous woman in the region. When he finally meets Yuri and is told who she is, his imagination is totally shattered.
  • During Yuri's first campaign, she and her maids go to collect strawberries and are under attack from enemy soldiers. Ilbani hears about the soldiers and sends the generals to secure Yuri's position. They find the girls have utterly trounced the soldiers and are annoyed that all their handpicked strawberries were ruined. Mittanawa scratches his head over what to do next.
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  • Later on, Yuri decides to enter an occupied city with just her maids and Ilbani. She tells the men to sit back and watch their women at work. They shudder at the thought.
  • After Kail reveals the whole "fake Ishtar" deception, he demands of the governor where the real Ishtar is. The governor protests that he does not know. Kail, knowing Yuri's previous track record of what she does when she's on her own, takes a different tack:
    Kail: Let me rephrase the question, then: where in Katapa are you having trouble right now?
    Governor: Trouble? Why, there is no troub-
    Messenger: Lord Governor! There is an uprising!
    Governor: Keep silent, you rogue! This is his highness Prince Kail!
    Kail: *thinking* An uprising? Yep, that's Yuri.
  • In the epilogue, Ilbani finds the young prince spying on Kail and Yuri making out in the courtyard. When he asks what the prince is doing, the kid replies that he's "studying how to be a man". Ilbani just smirks and leaves him to it. The prince then sneaks closer so he can hear what steamy, "adult" things Kail and Yuri are saying to each other... only to find that they are discussing tariffs and tax rates in between kisses. He quickly grows bored of this talk and leaves.
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  • While the rest of the scene is pretty serious, when Ramses kidnaps Yuri in the middle of a battle, he tells her that if he wants something, "whether it is a country or a woman", he simply takes it. Yuri worries that he plans to conquer the Hittite Empire.
    Rameses: Hmm? Didn't you hear the "woman" part?
    Yuri: Hey, forget it. The Hittite Empire is already in enough trouble with the Queen Dowager trying to seize power!
    Ramses: You really aren't listening.
  • While in Egypt, Yuri and Neferti decide to follow up on the lead of a spy against the Hittite Empire. The boat they're tailing notices them, so to throw off suspicion, Neferti quickly strips both herself and Yuri and goes Skinny Dipping, tricking the boat into thinking they're just some silly aristocrats on a pleasure cruise. What really sells it are the reactions of Ramses and Rusafa, respectively a man who loves her as a woman and an asset, and a man who loves her so much he's afraid to make a move.
    Ramses [clearly enjoying the view ]: "Yes, always pulling stuff..."
    Rusafa [covering his face and blushing madly]: "I saw nothing! Nothing! Forgive me, Your Majesty!!"
  • Ilbani's comment after not seeing Kali and Yuri for four days due to finally having sex.
    Ilbani: Oh, your Majesty. Long time no see.
    Kail: Hmph.

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