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  • Karl tries a kung-fu technique of throwing a needle through a pane of glass to pop a balloon. He ends up embedding his needle in the cameraman's arm.
  • When Karl's camel "breaks down" on his trip to Petra, he proves he's a pretty good Deadpan Snarker as he watches the animal get loaded onto the back of a pick-up truck.
    "Ships of the Desert. It's what they're known as. We've ended up with Titanic!"
  • Karl's reaction to the couple who keep a hippo as a pet.
    "My Dad wouldn’t let the cat in the lounge. Fuckin’ hippo in here!"
  • Karl's idea for a superhero Bullshit Man!
    • Made even funnier when he actually pretends to fly.
  • Karl getting a prostate exam. All of it.
    • It gets even better when he asks the doctor whether he actually is a doctor, after he's already done the exam.
  • Whenever David Attenborough gets a mention:
    "It's all voiceover! I bet he lands, says 'keep that plane's engine running'... 'ere I am in the Amazon' and then he fucks back off home."
    "I bet he never 'ad his crisps nicked".
  • Karl's dream becomes true: he invents some pants with room for a pillow to insert. The entire infommercial is hilarious enough but then he shows them off to Ricky and Steve.
  • Karl having Warwick trying out different food in China. Karl's previous travels have given him the ability to stomach the food served in China, Warwick...not so much.
    Karl: Just eat one of them. Just shove it in, honestly, it's not that bad.
    Warwick: Can I nibble the edge of it?
    Karl: That's worse, just shove it in.
    Warwick: (Warwick shoves it in. He begins convulsing in disgust.) Don't tell me what it is.
    Karl: That's a lamb bollock.
    (Warwick bends over and spits it out on the seat)
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  • Karl's little Political Correctness Gone Mad rant in the Alaska episode.
    Stephen: Would you be interested in spending some time with some Eskimos?
    Ricky: Or Inuits, now. Don't say Eskimo, it's a derogatory term.
    Karl: Who's come up with that little problem for them? I've never head an Eskimo moan about that. Why are they gonna be bothered? These people make up little rules, you can't call a midget a midget, they prefer dwarf. And all that, Eskimos wanna be that. Leprechauns don't like it or whatever.
    Stephen: (Laughs)
    Ricky: No wait, Leprechauns don't exist! Leprechauns do not exist!
    Karl: It's the same thing, though. If they did, they'd go "Well, don't call 'em that."
    Stephen: What do leprechauns prefer to be called?
    Karl: Gnomes or-
    Ricky: (Laughs) Leprechauns prefer to be called Gnomes! Oh god!
  • During their visit to Macau, Karl randomly decides to ask Warwick Davis whether or not he's got knees, causing Warwick to burst out laughing and reassure him that yes, he does indeed have knees.


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