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Funny / An American Tail: Fievel Goes West

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  • When Tiger was lost in desert looking for Fievel.
    Tiger: I'm lost and all alone, in a million acre catbox.
    • Tiger's whole trip into the west was funny in a Cosmic Plaything kind of way.
    • Special mention goes to the Dancing Buffalo Bones scene. For first view, it would seem like nightmare fuel at first, but when the skeleton started dancing, that would catch one surprised, and then when it almost suddenly captures Tiger, the first time viewer(s) would no doubt find themselves silly instead!
  • After Tiger falls off a cliff.
    Tiger: (acts as though nothing happened) I hurt myself.
  • Tiger being worshipped by the Mousehicans!
    • His first line to their chief: "How..... do you do!"
  • The music playing during the tumbleweed journey was quite epically funny, especially for those who recognize Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi's voice.
  • Tiger spots T. R. Chula, the Tarantula coming straight at him.
    Tiger: Ahhh! It's a spi... a spee... a spid-d-d-d... an arachnid!
    • And that was a moment before he swore to himself he'll be tough and brave when he saw the mice running in fear.
  • Tanya getting fruit thrown at her for singing "Somewhere Out There," a clear reflection on how sick everyone was of that song. There's also the dialogue which follows:
    Tanya: Someday I will be a big star. People will come from miles around.
    Fievel: Yeah, to eat.
    • Her hungry parents don't mind, asking her if she can convince people to throw something other than tomatoes.
    Mama Mousekewitz: (scooping up some tomato from the wall) Hmm, another night without cheese.
    • Her human neighbors don't find it strange that there's a singing mouse living across the street.
      • They probably don't know that and assume it's just some orphan human girl.
  • When Fievel and Tiger are lost in the desert, they both bump into mirages of Fievel's family and Miss Kitty respectively. They see each other in the distance and are overjoyed...until they decide that it's another mirage. When they pass each other...
    Fievel: Hi, mirage of Tiger.
    Tiger: Hi, mirage of Fievel.
  • During the Training Montage, Tiger is doing some tricks with a lasso, jumping through his own hoop. Then he does it again, and again, getting faster and faster until he ties himself up!
    • A while before that, this:
    Wylie: Now... ROOOAAAARRRR!!!
    Tiger: (meekly) Bark!
  • The dog chase scene. Poor Tiger can't catch a break when he's trying to get to the train station to say good-bye to Fievel, boards the train only to discover a dog's the conductor, then ends up on another train only to discover another dog, and when he falls into the water, he gets confronted by a dogfish. His deadpan response sells it:
    • At one point during the train scene, Tiger jumps out of the window, only to get hit in mid-air by the other train going the opposite direction!
  • Cat R. Waul luring the mice out west with a cowboy puppet is hilarious—John Cleese doing a cowboy impression is truly legendary. And when the puppet starts talking about Cat R. Waul himself, he goes a fair ways off-script.
  • Cat R. Waul hating his master's Marshmallow Hell and her And Call Him "George"! tendencies.
  • The Mouse Conductor calling out the stops in a funny tone as he caught ahold of the chain of the watch the human conductor had to pick up.
    Mouse Conductor: Last call, all passengers bound FOR ALTUNA, AKRON, ELKHART, OSKALOOSA AND GREEN RIVER!!!!"
  • The comeuppance of the hawk that snatched Fievel. The wild take, scream and chicken clucking top it all!
    • Speaking of chicken, the hawk ends up as a roast chicken dinner for the Mousehicans.
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  • When Fievel snuck inside Cat R. Waul's cart that filled with cows, one particular cow takes a closer look at Fievel with mild curiosity. Later, a hyper Chula grabs another cow face exclaiming "I love the Flying Aah!", and the cow looks as Chula chase after Fievel in confusion.
  • A bit of Black Comedy when Chula tries to throw Fievel off the train.
    Chula: I just love the Flying Aah.
    Fieval: (falling) AAAAAAAAHHH!!

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