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     The Stonekeeper 
  • Navin wants to pilot the Albatross, but Emily declares she's the one who will because she's older. After much prompting and begging from Navin, she finally, exasperatedly agrees, with Cogsley acting as the Comically Serious.
    Cogsley: Are you jokers finished?
  • Turns out Miskit brought the wrong darts. His ensuing Oh, Crap! expression is just comical.

     The Stonekeeper's Curse 
  • Navin's first few minutes of driving the Charnon House is so terrible that when Miskit tries to flip a pancake, it falls straight unto his face because the gravity tilted into the other way hard.
    Miskit: Uh oh.

  • Leon pulls off parkour stunts climbing up to the roof, expecting them to be able to do the same, to Miskit's chagrin. In Leon's annoyance, he tells Miskit that he can't (he is a robot after all) but Emily does. Her response?
    Emily: [weakly] I don't know how.
    Miskit: SHE DOESN'T KNOW HOW!!!

  • This:
    [A panel of soldiers with various injuries]
    Luger: These are some of my best men. The girl must be getting help from a powerful ally.
    Trellis: [grimacing] She's also stronger than you think, Luger.

     The Cloud Searchers 
  • The Hayes family was picking up leafy branches to camouflage the Charnon House and Navin got a cut on his hand, getting Karen pretty worried. She fuzzes over him, to Navin's annoyance, but she tells him to be careful:
    Karen: You have to remember we're on alien planet. there are all sorts of strange things around us.
    Navin: Yeah, isn't it great?

  • To find transport to Cielis, they must enter a bar, to Karen's chagrin. Navin's response?

  • Seeing the two Elven soldiers got their asses handed to them by a child.
    • And seeing their bodies explode out of the bar after a scene-cut.
  • It's pretty awkward, Karen mistook Luger for Trellis's father. He didn't talk back, he just turns around and slams the door, like a typical teenager would.
  • Enzo not so subtly tells Navin to clean industriously, expecting him to be the lazy one of the trio (the other two are servant bots after all). Only in a couple of scenes later, Navin catches him sleeping while a bot does all the piloting.

  • Emily is such a Deadpan Snarker, even Trellis can't quip back:
    Trellis: You don't trust me.
    Emily: I get the impression the feeling is mutual.
    Trellis: Fair enough.

  • Emily: Don't hit his shield!
    Trellis: I'll work my way around it!
    [doesn't work his way around it]

  • Trellis just narrowly avoided falling to his death, when someone arrives, what's the first they do? They punched him. It's pretty anticlimactic.

     The Last Council 
  • Karen is not a fan of falling, even if it's in a dropship and wearing a fully secured belt.
    Navin: Are you okay mom?!
    Karen: Ask me when we get there!!

  • It's a rather grim moment, but Luger vents despairingly that they will have no choice but to wait until the Elf King finds them there and execute them. The natural thing to do is reassure him right? Nope, in typical Trellis fashion, he instead tells him that they may not have long to wait. Luger's horrified expression is kinda funny.
  • When an airship captures them, Cogsley manages to get the baby wyvern escape and is ecstatic in a rather inappropriate situation:
    Cogsley: Spoiled your lunch barbarians!!
    Miskit: I don't think they're after the wyvern, Cogsley.

  • Leon's group is trying to escape the Cielis Guard via through the narrow window which Leon has no issue jumping out of, but Enzo does. Cue Aly and Rico desperately pushing from one side and Leon trying to catch him. He's crushed. Flat.
    • Becomes a Brick Joke later when they're about to infiltrate Yarboro Prison and their point of entrance was a small grate. It's even funnier because it doesn't even show Leon's expression.
      Leon: The grate looks a little tight.
      Enzo: Why are you looking at me like that?!
  • Trellis is a bit of a Deadpan Snarker himself:
    • Trellis: This city is as corrupt as my homeland. If this is your last hope, I'd say we're all in deep trouble.
    • Trellis: You trust me over your own superiors. Why?
      Leon: There are no superiors, Trellis. We're on our own now.
      Trellis: [smirks] Welcome to the club.

  • Trellis tells Leon that they have too many enemies, but the latter insists:
    Leon: Just follow my lead.
    [Attacks the warden, gets kicked unto the floor.]
    Trellis: How about this time you follow my lead?
    Leon: Be my guest.

     The Prince of the Elves 
  • The first thing Trellis asked after waking up, out of all the questions possible:
    Trellis: [scowling] Why are you following me?

    • The unnamed elfling was so cold that even Trellis, who is usually that one in a conversation, is clearly uncomfortable. Made even funnier when it's later revealed that was his younger self. Even he's uncomfortable by his own aloof attitude.
  • When Trellis meets a seemingly air headed but kind elf named Virgil, it's obvious he's a bit weirded out. He's actually his uncle.
  • It's rather, amusing that Trellis's former hairstyle is... That neat.
  • Virgil manages to quip pretty good against Luger:
    Luger: You don't know this elf, Virgil. Don't think Is don't report you just because you're family.
    Virgil: How very noble of you.

  • Apparently, Luger in that past wasn't that much different from pre-transformation Luger, if Trellis's expression says anything.
  • Delayed Reaction: the entire feelings of Trellis suddenly waking up in the middle of falling in the atmosphere instead of his bed has been perfectly summarized in just four panels and it's hilarious.

     Escape from Lucien 
  • Aly was getting pretty impatient:
    Navin: Just give me a few more minutes.
    Aly: That's what you said a few minutes ago.

  • Cogsley is getting real exasperated with the robots of Cielis... For drinking motor oil. Note that this wasn't the first time it happened.
    • Funnier by the fact when Cogsley looks away, the bot wastes no time to continue drinking the fluid.
  • The fact that the Colossus gets wax build up.
    Navin: [Pulls out a huge lump of wax] This is so gross! How does this even happen?

    • Cogsley tells Navin to get the wax extractor tool:
      Navin: You mean this giant cotton swab thing?

  • Luger and Trellis was playing Othello, with the latter admitting he's probably the worst player he ever fought against but smugly declares he got him this time... Only for Luger to turn the tide in one move, to Trellis's disbelief.
    Trellis: I can't believe you won! That's impossible!

  • Trellis is pretty furious that Cielis didn't choose Navin for piloting the Colossus, protesting that those children doesn't know what they're doing and he's the only one with expertise... Completely ignoring the fact that Navin is a child himself.
  • Emily's Deadpan Snarker attitude is an absolute delight.
    [Elven soldiers throwing nasty and morbid remarks at Trellis]
    Emily: Looks like you still have some fans.
  • Navin's priceless face after the robot scans his head for lice.
  • Riva approaches Trellis as he is lifting an unconscious elderly Elven soldier. Mistaking her for a medic, he asks for her help. A flustered Riva had to explain that she isn't a medic but a mayor with Trellis looking slightly annoyed.

  • You can't help but chuckle at this bit:
    Emily: Dad, these rocks are wobbly!
    Emily: Dad, I'm going to fall!
    Emily: Dad, I'm slipping!
    David: Stay calm, Em.

  • Enzo complains that searching for Algos island is a pain and declares that whatever is on the island, he gets half of it. Trellis has to explain that they're not actually looking for treasure but memories, believing this was what Max wanted them to find. Enzo then points out that they'll need more than memories to defeat the Elf King and it could likely be another trap, which is reasonable and all but until he gets to this:
    Enzo: You guys are too gullible! You'd make terrible pirates!

  • Gabilan is a dangerous bounty hunter that he even proves to be a challenge to Emily and Trellis. Who did he lose to? A baby wyvern using his head. Literally.
  • Trellis may have undergone Character Development, but his personality still hasn't changed, much:
    Gabilan: Welcome aboard, Prince Trellis.
    Trellis: [snappy] Just call me Trellis.

  • One of the most iconic and endearing moments was the one in the Nexus.
    Emily: [realizing they're in danger] Put your seatbelt on!
    Trellis: [confused] What's a seatbelt?

  • It's kind of hilarious that one of the most serious and grim characters named their overlypowered barrier bubble shield.

  • Trellis manages to escape the Cortex via his bubble shield and gets to a considerable distance to check below if Gabilan manages to get out. Cue big explosion. His reaction?
    Trellis: [deadpan] Oh, no.

  • The start of the book has Trellis, looking all solemn and serious, then a mysterious woman asks him if he minds her joining him in his journey. His reply:
    Trellis: I don't know where I'm going.

  • It's an incredibly sad moment but Trellis saying why the King stole his memory just makes you wanna say, "Well DUH. Why else would he do that??". It also doesn't help he says this with all seriousness.
    Trellis: Now I know why the King had Gabilan steal this memory. He wanted me to forget.

  • This book was a GOLDMINE for Adorkable Trellis moments:
    • Trellis manages to get the Elf Army to surrender, but he remains suspicious and unconvinced at the sincerity of it thus warns everyone. The mayor, however, insists on a celebration to lift up the town's spirit. Trellis was about to decline to focus more on the job but Riva has to INTERRUPT, saying that attending the feast in his honor was the least he could do to show their gratitude. He's clearly very reluctant and his expression shows it, but accepts anyway.
    • Trellis DID show up, and was sitting there awkwardly, and then a couple of fans showed up and caught him off guard. He was so startled his smile looks wonky and forced. It was way different from the way he had acted before.
      • It's funnier when the fans were both wearing wigs of his former hairstyle with a headband with TRELLIS written on the front. The idea that people knew what his former hair looked like is hilarious.
      Kid fan: Thank you so much, mister prince!
      Trellis: [gives an awkward but genuine smile] It's my pleasure.

    • That was just one onscreen encounter. Based on the way Riva said it, it implies this happened numerous times. No wonder he sighed and slumped over like he's already exhausted.
    • Emily has now been released from the Void, thrashed the soldiers at Valcor and after a decade, we finally know what the King looks like. With Ikol no longer having power over the Elves, he asks Emily if she would lead them, as they fear her as they had feared the King. She dramatically answers she wouldn't, as they already have a King. Then the scene cuts to Trellis snoring because he was taking a nap.


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