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A crapton of these.

  • Fafo, a stripping, middle-aged boy scout that left everybody half Squick and half laughing their asses off.
  • Sharon actually had one of these in a YouTube special, when a magician hurled a piece of "used" dental floss at known germophobe Howie (see here to get the full effect), sending him scrambling away from the desk. Sharon was laughing so much she could barely talk for the rest of the segment.
    • Gets even better with the reveal that her buzzing Dan shortly after Howie ran from the desk was a complete accident precisely because she started cracking up so badly (that and trying to turn to see Howie running away).
  • Sharon's dog vs. Piers Morgan.
  • A bit of a stealthy one, but in the final elimination for Season 5's semifinals, Howie directed the audience to the three acts already making it in and noted they looked like the normal American family. Cue Prince Poppycock putting his arm around Michael Grimm.
  • Tons in season 6, mostly due to Howie and Piers constantly annoying each other.
    • Howie's pranks during the auditions - putting the vending machine in front of Piers's dressing room door, or filling his dressing room with Those Funny Little People.
    • Those Funny Little People and Piers. He hates them, and they love him for it, further annoying him.
      • During the finals the judges each got to bring back four elliminated acts to perform again. Howie chose them as one of his, and found more amusement in Piers facepalming while the act was going on than the act itself.
    • During the Top 48, week two, Howie pulling a small water gun out of seemingly nowhere to spray Piers with.
      • Then week four, he brings an airhorn.
      • Then there's the whoopee cushion Howie puts on Piers' seat (which fails), Howie cutting Piers off in the middle of a critique using his buzzer...Really, this season might as well be renamed "Howie Trolls Piers".
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    • A triple Crowning Moment of Funny, Awesome and Heartwarming, Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr. and Anna Graceman are called on stage to see who goes on to the Top Ten. Anna gets the win, she and Landau hug and in his exit interview with Nick says he's just grateful to have come as far as he has...then Nick reveals that Landau got through too. Cue Landau picking up Anna in his arms and spinning around hugging her.
  • Doubling as a Moment of Awesome for anti-fans of Piers, J. Chris Newberg of Season 6 roasted Piers, who buzzed him in all previous performances and declared he wasn't funny. The roast itself was good and was as hard-hitting as Piers himself tends to be, and Piers agreed that it was very funny, but the topper was Sharon's reaction at the end.
    "You've got balls of steel!"
  • Whatever the hell this thing from Season 6 was.
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  • Howie pulling the fake snake out of his pants, scaring the life out of Mel B and Heidi.
  • The glory and majesty that is Blue Velvet:
  • From Prince Poppycock's audition:
    Piers: Look, when someone comes in dressed like that, calling themselves 'Prince Poppycock', you generally expect it to take a certain route.
    PP: [downward-sliding whistle with accompanying point toward the floor]
    Piers: Yes — and instead it took a rather different route.
    PP: [inquiring upward-sliding whistle with accompanying point at the ceiling]
    Piers: [laughing nod]
    [cue audience hysteria]
  • In Season 9, the show's teasers before the commercial built up a bad mime that would confront the judges at the desk prompting Howie to call security. Come the act, he wasn't very good, got four Xs, and was booed. He then began to yell at the audience and insult the judges before angrily coming down to the desk to confront them. At which point it turned out to be host Nick Cannon playing a joke. The judges couldn't stop laughing.
  • Also from Season 9, Aaron J. Field comes on stage wearing a giant baby costume with a hat and a large pacifier hanging around his neck, after the show kept showing teasing clips of him in costume beforehand. Turns out he's a singer, and a legitimate one; the costume was just to get attention and make himself memorable to the judges.
  • Two guys start performing "I Gotta Feeling" and aren't good resulting in the audience booing and despite the judges hitting their buzzers, they got no X's. Maintenance had to stop the act, turns out the reason the buzzers weren't working was because Mel B had unplugged them to charge her phone.
  • During the Judge Cuts in Season 10, as Nick Cannon was about introduce an act, he presented guest judge Neil Patrick Harris the opportunity to use the Golden Buzzer. Neil’s response? Immediately press the buzzer, prompting Nick to exclaim:
  • Taylor Williamson's continuous banter with Heidi, stemming from her remark that his jokes weren't "family material".
  • David & Leeman's pressure phrenology act with Howie as their assistant; they successfully take away his ablility to read three simple cards, and Howie gets increasingly exasparated at why the other judges are insisting that real words are printed on the cards.
  • Paul Zerdin's performances are consistently VERY funny, but his most hilarious by far was the semifinals when he turned Howie Mandel into his own ventriloquist dummy! Via the use of a remotely-controlled mask, he even left the stage to take Howie's spot at the judging panel and critique his... "dancing".
  • Two words: Sexy Baby.
  • Tape Face. Just Tape Face. Nothing more is needed to be said.
  • 84-year-old Ray Jessel's song.
    She's got that style, she's got that smile,
    She's got the walk, she's got the talk,
    She's got that zing, there's just one thing
    • Sadly, Ray is no longer with us.
    Youtube commenter: R-I-P-E-N-I-S.
  • Ladies and gentlemen...hail to The Singing Trump. Mel doesn't like him. Heidi, surprising herself, does.
  • When the judges walk out for the first time in Season 12, a guy actually passes out when Mel B stands next to him. (Luckily, his friend catches him on the way down.)
  • A magician got Simon's disapproval in the first round, so in the second round, he pulls a card trick that involves breaking Simon's buzzer with a hammer to reveal a card inside! Even funnier, Simon thought the man was gonna hit him on the head with the hammer and had always imagined it would one day come to this and this is how he would go out for all the harsh criticism he gives people as a talent judge.
  • Colin Cloud's Judge Cuts performance had him lick Mel B's hand to guess what she ate that day. When he asks Howie to hold out his hands, the germaphobe howls "NO!!" and runs for cover.
  • Men with Pans. Two men wearing nothing but Chef's hats and using pans to cover their things. Both the performance and the judges reaction are hilarious, from Heidi getting a little interested in the beginning and poor Tyra was standing on the side and probably saw more than she bargained for.
  • Demian Aditya's botched Season 12 Quarterfinals act provided a rather amusing moment: the act involved Demian being locked inside a box placed on a shaft suspended by a burning rope directly above some spikes. All of Demian's acts thus far had made it look like something had gone wrong and he was killed only for him to emerge dramatically. This one looked to follow the same pattern... except the box ended up getting stuck halfway down the shaft. The judges then all get confused asking if something ACTUALLY went wrong this time and start bickering with each other after Mel B buzzes the act... only for Demian to nonchalantly walk behind them while they are arguing and startling them with a fire extinguisher.
  • Basically, anyone who is built up to be a possible contender, even a golden buzzer only for them to blow the audition. A perfect example is Anthony Panoso, a lawyer in his late '5os with ambitions of being a singer. He even introduces the judges to his wife. He then receives a red X from all four of them after only ONE LINE of his original song!
  • Not from the main event, but Sara Carson, the dog trainer from Season 12, decided to try and train the judges's dogs...and Howie—who was deemed "a bad dog" and was promptly sent to the corner.
  • The season 12 finale. More specifically, Preacher Lawson being put against eventual winner, and the act he'd personally said would win multiple times, Darci Lynne. His smiling reaction to basically knowing it's over is a side-splitter.
    • This is brought back in the Champions season when, during his little behind the scenes spiel, he shouts, "I'm coming for you, Darci!" and the interviewer mentions that Darci has returned as a Wild Card. Cue him reacting appropriately just taking it all in, laughing and then screaming "WHY?!"
    • More Preacher Lawson hilarity: him trying to partner up with one of the Champions and failing every single time.
      • Even better? When he goes to meet Darci, Petunia is the one who screams in surprise!
  • Season 13's Glennis Grace going up against comedian Samuel Comroe for a semifinals spot. Both were put through, but Glennis somehow misheard and began walking off stage. When Tyra informed her that yes, they both move on, she proceeded to drop a "What the fuck?!" on live TV.


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