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  • In one episode, they visit a man called Fast Eddie.
  • The Midwestern female client who continually hits on Frank. "I love a nice, plump fella! I'm a chubby chaser!"
  • While finding a massive pool house full of toys belonging to two toy collectors, they run down the list of trade shows and events they go to. They and Frank go to the exact same events.
    Mike: These guys, basically, are Frank.
  • Their reaction to finding a man who collects buildings, including an old White Castle restaurant, which is just set out in a farmland in the middle of nowhere.
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  • The guys task Danielle with selling a carnival ride that they paid way too much for, and she's not having any luck:
    Danielle: Everyone wants to look at it, touch it, play with it, and ride it, but no one wants to take it home. It's like every bad girl I've ever known.


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