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  • Danny Gokey's final note in his performance of "Dream On". Even he admits it.
  • Pants On The Ground. You know something is up when Simon can't be heard over the other judges' laughter.
    • Note that the guy was "General" Larry Platt, who is an activist and did a lot of work during the civil rights movement. He even had a day dedicated to him in Georgia.
    • Only topped by the remix with William Hung that was performed on the season finale.
    • Before Pants on the Ground, there was I Am Your Brother.
  • And then there's Nick Mitchell's (aka. Norman Gentle's) performance of And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going, essentially a deliberately campy, So Bad, It's Good parody of the whole competition.
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  • Renaldo Lapuz's original song, "I Am Your Brother". Combined with his outfit... Then came the season finale, when he performed with a marching band...
  • Steven Tyler is a walking, talking CMOF. "What's with the jujubees on your ooh-ooh-bies?"
  • The Heejun Han VS. Richie "Cowboy" Law saga during season 11's Hollywood Week brought some of the best Cringe Comedy reality television has ever seen. The crowning moment has to be Heejun's "apology" to Richie.
    Heejun: I'm really sorry... to... your parents...
  • Pretty much any of the ridiculous Ford commercials are hilarious, but special mention goes to season 7's Top 4 Ford commercial, where they're all dressed as matadors and singing "Ring of Fire", for no apparent reason.
  • While not exactly funny in the traditional sense, some of MacKenzie Bourg's pre-performance packages in Season 15 have had a few giggle-worthy moments highlighting his adorkableness, such as him trying to rap Sean Paul's "Temperature" and his reveal that his most memorable Idol moment was, of all things, William Hung.
    • Also quite amusing was, during the first Idol Duets episode, Lauren Alaina making no secret of her attraction to him, calling him a "hottie", fanning herself while beside him, and even going as far as to joke about giving him a kiss. MacKenzie was justifiably flustered, and Keith even pointed out it was the first time he'd seen her blush.

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