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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • Sister Jude talks to the concerned parents of a boy they brought to the asylum.
    Mrs. Potter: Our problems started a month ago...
    Sister Jude: Mrs. Potter, you needn't worry. Good boys gone bad is my area of expertise. I've had great success in curbing a chronic masturbator.
    • It's even funnier in a later episode when they show her chronic masturbator, who hasn't been fixed at all.
  • The petulant face on the possessed Sister Mary Eunice when she has to leave the movie to go look for the inmates who ran away because she's going to miss the Christians being eaten.
  • Probably the biggest unexpected moment of hilarity in the entire series comes when Judy comes back from electro shock therapy and Lana asks if she knows her name. This is all Played for Drama.. but then suddenly, Judy starts singing ''The Name Game'' while dressed as a showgirl and engages everyone in an elaborate dance number, Glee style.
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  • Dr. Arden really isn't helping his case when he tries to convince Sister Mary Eunice that he isn't a Nazi war criminal and ends up ranting about Nazi hunters being nothing but "money grubbing JEWS!"
  • The talks between Dr. Arden and Kit before and after Arden flatlines Kit for the aliens to come for him, with the former treating it like it was But for Me, It Was Tuesday and Kit just deadpanning like no tomorrow.
    • Even funnier is the look on Kit's face during the following scene as Arden prepares to kill him. His expression is screaming "Oh shit, why did I agree to this?!"
  • In case you needed anymore evidence as to how utterly psychotic Dr. Thredson/Bloody Face is, we have a scene where he speaks to Lana as if he was telling her they should see other people. After he has abducted, tortured, and raped her, of course. Also counts as Nightmare Fuel.
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  • Pepper totally emasculating Dr. Arden in one conversation.
  • Dr. Thredson, waiting for Dr. Arden to show up for a meeting, is alone in his office, and gives us this very Sylar like moment:
    Dr. Thredson: Okay, now where does he keep the sodium pentothal?
  • Lana's expression as she gives a fuming Thredson the finger while her taxi drives away. Doubles as an awesome moment.
  • Right after Sister Jude talks to Jed's parents, she glares at Dr. Thredson, who had been eavesdropping:
    Sister Jude: And how long have you been standing there, Dr. Buttinsky?
  • Lana and Kit in general have some pretty funny reaction faces, especially during "The Name Game." Even funnier? Sister Jude is likely imagining them being freaked out by the singing and dancing.

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