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  • The entirety of "Mummy Daddy", one poor actor's just trying to get to his wife when she's having their first baby. He's stuck in his mummy costume and all the local village idiots (everyone) assume he's the real thing and chase him! With torches no less! Of course Hilarity Ensues.
  • The episode "Remote Control Man" Hen-pecked Walter finds comfort in a unique television set that brings life-like images to him. First, his wife disappears and turns into the model from the Miss America! His son walks in and he's changed into Dirk Benedict! His youngest comes in and Walter changes him into Gary Coleman! And as expected, Hilarity Ensues.
    • Some card sharks get into the mix, leading to one of them being changed into Richard Simmons and the other a very aggressive football player. Then The Incredible Hulk shows up, later followed by KITT driving through the wall ("Have you seen Michael?") and finally Ed McMahon.
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  • Any scene for "Santa '85" that isn't heartwarming or tearjerking would fall under this category.
  • The episode "Boo!", about two gentle ghosts that try to rid themselves and the home they haunt of two very rotten tenants.
  • The episode "The Sitter" has two young boys get the best of every sitter in town, until they meet one who uses voodoo magic that could put Mary Poppins to shame.
  • From "Thanksgiving": "Our scholars have determined the food you sent to be turkey. Very tasty. Please send more."
  • The ending of "Go to the Head of the Class" is darkly funny: "Well, I do have a bit of a sore throat!" (Cue Evil Laugh.)
  • "Family Dog"
    • The family returning home from the movies to see that their dog has failed to stop two burglars from robbing them, which the father casually denies. Door broken open? No, the dog was here. Coffee table missing? But the dog was here! Stereo system gone? But the dog was here!!
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    • After sending the dog to guard dog school, the father is unimpressed when he returns and the dog is as playful and happy-go-lucky as ever. The instructor snaps her fingers and the dog instantly turns into a ferocious beast. It pays off when the burglars return and this time, he's able to take them out. Unfortunately, it works a little too well and he attacks the dad when he tries to get in after accidentally locking himself out.