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Who Killed Amanda Palmer

  • The Oasis video in how it portrays the poor narrator's scenario. By all means, it should not be funny that a teenager was raped while drunk and impregnated, and the best friend that took her to the doctor's spread rumors that she's a crack whore. In the video, however, the rapist chills in the background just munching on chips as a boy band with brightly colored outfits comes in to accompany Amanda, as a nurse feeds alcohol to a plastic baby, while the mailman takes her letter to Oasis with his teeth.
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  • Likwise, the "What The Use Of Wond'ring" video at first seems to be a beautiful love story between two women. They start arranging ingredients for a meal, cook, and cry together. Then you learn that they murdered one of the women's abusive ex-boyfriends and have prepared him for dinner. What makes it go from horrifying to comedic? Amanda and her co-singer sit at the table, pick up knives and forks, and give identical wide grins.
Amanda Palmer Goes Down Under
  • "Map of Tasmania": Amanda explains that she wrote this song after hearing Australian catcallers shout out, "Show us your Map of Tasmania!" which refers to a woman's pubic area. So she made a song all about how you won't hear that slang on the radio and to start the mania of never shaving it, perhaps even letting it fly in the open wind.
  • "Formidable Marinade": Amanda mishears Michelangelo pronouncing "A" as "E" because of his accent. She mutters, "fucking Australians" to the audience's delight. Amanda then warns him not to fall into the orchestra pit as he dances around the stage, and plays the piano with her feet at his suggestion. To cap it off, she finishes her drink in one gulp as he ends the song.
  • During a concert, she begins to play the first few lines of Rebecca Black's Friday. The fans in question sense doom, and one even shouts out "Don't you dare." She then proceeds into a VERY NSFW version of "Friday" that must be heard to believed.

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