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    Fairy Tail: An Alternate Tail 
  • Gajeel picking up Levy by her shirt so he can properly thank her for lunch, with Levy trying to break free.
  • Lily's attempted denial that the thunder from Levy's Solid Script Storm is not terrifying him.
  • Levy stops Everlue's diving magic by creating Helium and putting it into his mouth. This also causes his voice to go high pitch.
  • Jet and Droy try to recruit Levy to Team Shadow Gear, only for Gajeel to arrive and scare them off.
  • Lyon suggest Ice Leeches to help Kageyama's injuries. Later, Makarov advises Kage to get to the hospital while they still have leeches available.
  • Lily's attempt to cook Wingfish causes a Hope Spot with the group that they would taste delicious, only to learn that Lily was aiming to cook them to get the most nutrients rather than making them taste good.
  • Lyon's first encounter with Merudy is Love at First Sight, spending much of fight entranced with her.
    • He almost suffers a nosebleed when he grabs onto her breast by accident.
  • When the team arrives to rescue Levy (who already defeated Ore), Gajeel picks up Ore and threaten him to let her go, not yet noticing that Levy is perfectly fine nearby.
    [Levy playfully taps on his shoulder.] Levy: Gajeel.
    Gajeel: Not now Shrimp, we're trying to save you... Levy!
    • They try to subtling inform Bryard of the damages they caused, ranging from destroyed gardens, to damaged statues, and to released ice moles. Gajeel's the only one that's blunt about it when the front gate was destroyed.
  • When Lucy summons Aquarius to fight a wyvern, Lily calls her a siren, which only infuriates her.
  • During Frederick and Yanderica, Lyon develops stage fright right during the Opening Night. It was so bad that Lily was forced to use rope to control him like a marionette for a few seconds.
  • After Wally claimed that Lily was a cat because he can talk, Lily argues that, one, he is an Exceed, and two, that logic would mean that Wally and Millianna are cats as well. Millianna is estatic that Lily thinks she's a cat.
  • Gajeel's rage about not finding Lily causes him to slam a table, sending a cat mask flying up and landing on his head.
    • Later, when he tries to convince Millianna he's a real cat, he fails.
    Millianna: That wasn't even a little bit cute.
    Gajeel: What do you mean?! That was fucking adorable! *beat* I mean, meow?
  • When Gajeel arrives to rescue Mira from Laxus:
    Mira: I... I can't move. He used a paralysis spell.
    Gajeel: Ah, fuck, it's one of those kinky ceremonies, isn't it?
    Mira: That's not it, you dumbass!
  • During the Miss Fairy Tail Pagent, both Mira and Lisanna decide to troll the audience. Lisanna with transforming her head to Lily, then to Gajeel. And Mira by transforming into her Satan Soul, frightening enough that it stops Makarov's erection.
  • While trying to go after the Nebula Knights, both Makarov and Lily are the first to be stopped by Freed's runes.
    Makarov: To think that Freed was able to set such a trap for me. Just how long were-
    [Stops to stare at Lily]]
    Makarov: So you're at least eighty years old?
    Lily: I don't believe that's the focus, Master.
    • Constantly lampshaded by everyone, much to the Exceed's annoyance.
  • Natsu continually asks Makarov, Gajeel, and Lily about the strongest female mages of the guild. This seems innocent until they realize he's going to melt the stone off of Erza.
    Natsu: … so those two are the strongest girls, right?
    Lily: Yes Natsu, they are.
    Natsu: … Erza the one that took on the Jupiter Cannon when you were fighting Phantom Lord?
    Lily: That's correct.
    Natsu: … Which one of these girls is Erza again?
    Lily: The one in the gothic Lolita dress, why are you even-
    [Turns and sees Natsu about to light the petrified Erza on fire.]
  • Brain's real name turns out to be Marian, a sore spot for him that Gajeel uses it to enrage him.
  • Lilith's personality is so cheerful that it leaves Midnight frightened.
  • Ichiya, in his muscle form, attempts to explain himself to Mira and Lyon, only to be knocked to a ground by a falling Levy.
  • Gajeel is initially curious when Lily mentions that Exceeds are seen as angels, which he is against.
    Gajeel: So if you don't buy that, does that make you Lucifer or something?
    Lily: In their eyes, yes.
    Gajeel: I was only joking.
  • Everyone reactions when they learn that Gajeel and Levy's Edolas selves are the opposite genders.
    • Gajeel's first reaction to Levi leaves him unable to speak properly.
    • When Levi and Levy first meet, Levi blatantly states he thought his Earthland selves would have a bigger bust.
    • Natsu, when he meets Edolas!Gajeel, thinks she is a crossdresser.
    • Mira lampshades this by being surprised that her counterpart isn't a guy, thanks to meeting Gajeel Rosavulpe.
  • When Lily explains that he and Carla aren't from Extalia, the Edolas versions of Macao and Wakaba freak out, thinking that he's going to eat his brain.
  • Gajeel, Lily, and Kagura's attempt to imagine what an Edolas Mira would look like. Gajeel believes she would be a complete wimp, Lily believes she would be a loyal soldier, and Kagura dreams of 'Mira-nee-san' making sweets for her 'Kagura-imouto.'
  • Kagura tricks several guards for an airship with Crocodile Tears and a sob story about a missing big brother. She even adds to this by referring to Gajeel as her 'big brother.'
  • Happy 'rescues' Carla from Nichiya and Nadi by throwing a fish at Nichiya. Naturally, this is enough to work.
  • Macao uses Ryos's old onesie to provide protection to help Frosch keep warm. He even shows pictures of Ryos wearing it to the others, much to his son's embarrassment.
  • Ryos's first name for Frosch was 'Frog.'
  • Cana beats Merudy by using the Sensory Link to transfer her drunkenness. When Merudy deactivates the link to stop it, it causes her a hangover.
  • Mira is left in a worried state when Kagura and Mest don't return to the camp. When Erza mentions that Elfman and Evergreen are engaged, she is so shocked that she breaks the spoon in her hand.

    Alternate Tail: Brave New World 
  • The pity Gajeel and Lyon have for Kageyama now that he's on parole under Master Bob.
  • Happy has a freak out once it comes to him that he's been gone for almost seven years, and that his parents must be worried sick.
  • Kagura's slight depression when she see's Reedus's painting of a possible adult self had a flat-chest samurai.
  • Gajeel and Lily's jaws dropping to the floor when they learned that Levy was kicked out from her apartment. The fact that the two warriors are instantly worried makes it heartwarming.
  • The moment when Makarov, Mira, and Erza retaliate against Twilight Ogre for the torment on their guildmates. The breadsticks were even used.
  • Gildarts and Ivan in the past arguing just like Gajeel and Lyon in the present, even when fighting a metal hydrokinetic horse.
  • Tying with adorableness was both Asuka and Levy to read an old children's book (Which Levy enjoyed as a kid). And then Bickslow reveals he was there during the story-reading.
  • The Strauss Siblings, Kagura, and Carla's return includes them covered in a nasty stench. It turns out they ran into the Butt Giggle Gang. And like in canon, Carla is traumatized by the sight of Kagura in a skin-tight bodysuit.
  • Three agents sent by Clan Garten are immediately frightened by Mira, but are instead beaten by a Groin Attack by Rogue, a bottle to the head by Kinana, and a pellet shot by Asuka.
  • Gajeel is seeemingly paralyzed by what was in a book in Joseph Mcgarden's study, before laughing out loud at the sight of Gildarts's terrible handwriting.
  • After breaking free of his rusty-scale-prison, Gajeel lets out a rant of his revenge on Alexis that terrifies many of his guildmates.
  • Erza is quick to volunteer when one of the legacies to protect is a playwriter.
    • Cana also volunteers to try out the local beer at the location, while Laki also comes because it is her home town. Max tags along just to make sure everyone stays on track.
  • Warren attempts to be cool when showing off his new communication lacrimas by pushing glasses up his face, except they were Laki's glasses.
    • It fails even more when he unintentionally project his thoughts of how happy he is that Mira thought his new invention was cool.
  • When the Nebula Knights and the Rune Knights encounter each other, Bickslow's dolls all chant out "awkward." Bickslow is unaffected when everyone glares at him.

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